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Welcome to our portal for business and end customers! Webasto provides a broad range of products and systems for the individual demands of mobility. We offer aftermarket solutions and services for consumers as well as dealers and manufacturers of special vehicles globally. At the IAA Mobility 2021, our company presents customized solutions focusing on your individual comfort outdoors, unique experiences and transformation towards driving electric.

We are looking forward to meet you at the Open Space (Odeonsplatz, Booth OP 430) and Summit (Hall B3, Booth B80) from September 7 – September 12 to impress you with our comfortable and individual products with focus on sustainability and electric mobility.

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Remote Controls

Time to switch the feelgood factor on: Webasto parking heaters not only provide heating comfort, they can also be controlled conveniently and easily. Discover our range of user-friendly and comfortable remote controls.

Heating Solutions

Wheater your car, motorhomes and caravans or your boat, from small and mid-size companies to end consumers - Webasto offers high performance heating systems and always finds an appropriate solution for your individual transport and travel requests.

Charging Solutions

With our high-quality, smart charging solutions we are your dependable partner for user-friendly, safe and efficient charging. Charging has to be easy so that electric vehicles can establish themselves on the market. For us charging is more than just a product, it is a holistic system, a service.

Thermal Management Solutions

Depending on the temperature range in which traction batteries are operated in a commercial vehicle, they can be more or less effective and last longer or shorter. These factors can be positively influenced with a thermal management system. With its solutions Webasto ensures optimal functioning battery packs.

Air Filter Solutions

As a specialist in heating and cooling solutions, Webasto has expanded its portfolio in the Corona era to include HEPA air filtration systems for quick and easy retrofitting. The air filter systems are effective in combating the spread of airborne bacteria and viruses.

Remote Controls

Whether at the breakfast table, at work or at the ski lodge - with Webasto Telestart remote controls, smartphone apps or classic dashboard panels, Webasto parking heaters can be controlled conveniently and easily. Intelligent Heating Time Management (HTM) pre-heats the vehicle automatically. At IAA Mobility 2021, Webasto presents solutions that guarantee a warm or cool car at the touch of a button.

Telestart T99

The entry-level remote control "Telestart T99" offers you the most convenient way to control your Webasto parking heater remotely. With this you operate all current Webasto water heater classes and their sub-versions.

Telestart T100 HTM

The intelligent remote control for parking heaters "Telestart T100 HTM" offers a wireless, intuitive and at the same time ergonomic radio remote control for all Webasto parking heater systems.


Our control element "RemoteControl" is ideal for programming your Webasto parking heater on the dashboard of your vehicle. Create your individual heating/ventilation functions for the next 7 days in advance.

ThermoCall App

Start your Webasto parking heater conveniently with the "ThermoCall" app, no matter where you are. A comfortable climate at the touch of a button. And it's easy: by phone call, text message or app.

ThermoConnect App

The "ThermoConnect" app turns your smartphone into a convenient remote control for your Webasto parking heater. It also offers other smart functions such as the location service for your vehicle. The smart way to control your parking heater.

Heating Solutions

We understand heat: Our first product was an air heater almost 100 years ago. From our history we understand both the requirements of industry and the needs of customers. We respond with a global network of competent, certified contacts. For projects we provide a dedicated team of engineers and accompany the entire implementation phase, all from a single source.

Air Heater Air Top 2000 STC

With the Webasto air heater "Air Top 2000 STC" you can enjoy a constant temperature in your motorhome. No matter at what altitude or weather region they are currently on the road. And this with a low power / fuel consumption.

Parking Heater eThermo Top Eco

Our powerful electric parking heater "eThermo Top Eco" not only allows the engine to be heated evenly, but also provides a fast, warm airflow to the interior and windshield. Conveniently controlled via the familiar Webasto controls.

Parking Heater Thermo Top Evo

Our "Thermo Top Evo" parking heater line offers tailor-made comfort for every vehicle type and thus clear windows and pleasantly warm interior temperatures in every situation. It is available in performance classes 4, 5 and 5+ for every vehicle size.

High Voltage Heater HVH

A heating solution with over 95% energy efficiency. This is what our high-voltage heater system for electric vehicles offers. The electric high voltage heater (HVH) is the ideal heating system for plug-in hybrids (PHEV) and battery electric vehicles (BEV). Available with 5, 7 or 10 kW heating power.

Charging Solutions

Our aim is to make charging easier and more attractive with comprehensive and reliable solutions. In this way, we are making an active contribution to getting electric mobility on the road to success. Our customers get an all-round package from a single source: hardware, digital offerings and services from Webasto. At IAA Mobility 2021, we present the second generation of our basic charging station as well as the latest member of our charging family the intelligent and connected Webasto Next.

Webasto Pure Wallbox

The Webasto Pure enables easy and safe charging at home for all electric vehicles with type 2 inlet. The charging station is available as 11 or 22 kW variant and offers with its robust and clever housing a practical cable suspension and plug socket.

Webasto Next Wallbox

The Webasto Next enables smart and efficient EV charging and full digital management via the backend solution Webasto ChargeConnect. The smart charging station offers up to 22 kW of charging power, is always online and controllable via app and portal, has various communication interfaces for system integration and is ideally suited for commercial applications as well as private use.

Webasto Mobile Charger

Regardless of when and where - the practical Webasto Mobile Charger (* Design Example) offers you the highest level of flexibility when charging your electric vehicle at home and during international travel. With multiple equipment options including swappable grid plug, the cordset easily connects your electric vehicle with up to 7.3 kW charging power (depending on region and grid plug used) at household and industrial sockets.

Webasto ChargeConnect

Always keep track of your Webasto charging station. With the backend solution Webasto ChargeConnect, you can access the current status of your charging stations, the entire charging history, your energy consumption, and much more at any time and from anywhere. The data from your charging stations is reflected in the Webasto ChargeConnect portal and app, offering maximum transparency, control, and security.

Thermal Management Solutions

We think not only in terms of individual products but how to link our experience and knowledge across different sectors. Our integrated thermal management system is the best example. Our heating and cooling solutions are ideally combined here, supplemented and supported by smart control modules that take thermal management and battery life to new levels. Our integrated thermal management system can not only extend the life of battery packs, it can also increase their range by up to 25 percent and reduce costs by up to a quarter without any loss of range.

eBattery Thermal Management 2.0

Efficient battery conditioning in a single box. The Webasto eBTM "Battery Thermal Management Device" ensures optimal functioning of water-cooled battery packs in electric commercial vehicles and guarantees ideal battery cell performance in the long term.

Air Filter Solutions

Webasto filtration systems are specifically designed to filter the air in the cabin and in the sanitary compartment of ambulances, removing 99.995% particulates corresponding to SARS/COVID-19 virus sizes (0.1 micrometers) and effectively reducing the risk of infection. Webasto HEPA Filter Top combines two main features to reduce viral loads in ambient air: a very high air volume flow for the rapid and complete filtration of the air every single minute and the extremely high removal efficiency of HEPA H14 filters.

HEPA Filtration Systems

The Webasto HEPA filter systems. Medical HEPA H14 certified systems for effective virus and bacteria filtration. Virus-free, clean and fresh air for emergency vehicles, vans and buses.

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Original Equipment

Our customers know what they’re getting – wherever they are in the world. By applying global standards Webasto stands for uniform processes and production methods, which ensures consistently high quality and therefore safety and security for customers.

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You are a journalist looking for more information about the products, services and technologies Webasto presents at the IAA Mobility in Munich? Then visit our press portal.

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