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The market leader for roof systems

As a global market leader for roof systems, Webasto combines many years of experience with a sure feeling for tomorrow’s innovations. At the IAA Mobility, we are demonstrating in all facets that we are taking another step towards the future. From innovative convertible roofs, over elegant panoramic roofs to roof solutions for autonomous driving – we think of our roofs as systems in order to offer customers individualized solutions. Webasto products meet the highest quality standards and combine design, pure joy and comfort under one roof.  

A look into the future - ambient light in the vehicle roof

Fascination light

During the day, panoramic roofs allow a generous view and a bright and friendly atmosphere in the interior. Dynamic lighting scenarios provide a real wow effect in the dark. The secret: a transparent print is integrated into the pane, which is virtually invisible during the day and provides a view of the sky. With light control, a wide variety of patterns – from geometric figures to a starry sky – can be realized in the glass in many colors, leaving plenty of scope for individual customer wishes.

A look into the future - ambient light in the vehicle roof

A glimpse into the future - switchable glazing technology in the vehicle roof

Shading at the touch of a button

Webasto is the pioneer among automotive suppliers for the integration of switchable glazing in panoramic roofs. At the push of a button, the glass cover darkens and provides pleasant shading and privacy. This works by means of foils that are integrated into the glass. Electrical control signals change their light transmission. The technology takes individual wishes into account – for example, the shading can also be activated only for individual segments of the roof. For the first time, Webasto presents this elegant shading option combined with integrated light in a glass roof.

A look into the future - solar technology in the vehicle roof

On the road with the sun

Extending the range of electric vehicles and pleasantly air-conditioning the interior thanks to solar energy – solar cells integrated into the glass roof make it possible. Webasto has been committed to this sustainable technology for more than three decades. In 1989, a solar roof from Webasto was installed for the first time in an Audi 80 Coupé. The solar cells used today, in combination with intelligent battery management, reduce power consumption, lower emissions, and efficiently provide air conditioning for the vehicle interior. For example, an car manufacturer calculates up to 3,000 kilometers of additional range per year for its SUV with an openable solar roof from Webasto, depending on conditions.

A look into the future - panorama displays in the vehicle roof

Great movie experience on wheels

A panoramic display included in the roof ransforms the rear of the vehicle into a private cinema. At the touch of a button, the large-format screen extends from the headliner in a filigree rotating movement, guided by two lateral articulated rails. This mechanism was honored with an Innovation Award by BMW for the Theatre Screen in the 7 series.

A look into the future - sensors for autonomous driving in the vehicle roof

Solutions for automated driving

Reliably detecting surroundings, recognizing obstacles and hazards in all weather conditions, ensuring safety for all road users and pedestrians – the transition from traditional to autonomous vehicles presents automotive manufacturers and suppliers with entirely new challenges. The Webasto Roof Sensor Module (RSM) integrates lidar and camera technologies, among other things, in a fully functional and elegant way into the roof system. It thus facilitates automated driving and ensures safety. In the elevated position on the roof, the sensors optimally and reliably detects the vehicle’s surroundings. Combined with a panoramic roof, the compact RSM can be seamlessly integrated into automakers’ production lines.

A look into the future - sensors for autonomous driving in the vehicle roof

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E-mobility is more than a buzzword for Webasto. With individually manufactured battery solutions as well as a modular, standardized battery system, we can meet a wide variety of customer requirements.

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