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We Create Future-Proof Battery Systems

At Webasto, we are convinced that the future of mobility is electric and bring all our automotive technology expertise, which has evolved over 90 years, to the development of future-proof battery systems. With our unique modular design concept for both standardized and individualized battery systems, we can meet a wide variety of customer requirements, always with proven Webasto quality. Durability, safety and performance that go far beyond standards are part of our DNA and guarantee sustainable solutions for clean mobility.

"Together with you
we want to be the change
we want to see!"

Webasto - Battery Systems

Individualized Battery Solutions from One Source

With our capability to create individualized battery systems, we can respond with a high degree of flexibility to a wide range of customer needs.

CV Standard Battery Systems

Our modular standard battery system combines the price advantages of a scalable plug-and-play mass product with the accurate fit of a customized solution.

Highest Quality and Safety Standards

Our battery systems meet the highest quality, safety and performance requirements, far exceeding automotive standards.

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