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Battery Systems

At Webasto, we are convinced that the future belongs to electric mobility. That is why we are using our automotive technology expertise to drive forward the development of future-proof batteries for passenger cars and commercial vehicles. With our unique modular design concept for standardized as well as individualized battery systems, we can meet a wide range of customer requirements in an outstanding quality. Durability, safety and performance are a matter of course for us and guarantee sustainable solutions for clean mobility.

"Together with you we want to be the change we want to see" - E-mobility and sustainability are more than buzzwords for Webasto. With our battery systems, we are actively shaping the future of mobility. Through a consistently forward-looking orientation and ever new innovations, Webasto has been able to maintain a leading position in the automotive industry over 90 years. As a competent partner, we accompany our customers on their journey to emission-free mobility of tomorrow.

More than Production

Battery Development

With our individualized and standardized battery systems, we respond flexibly to different customer needs. Our product and process development ensure a reduced time-to-market from pre-development to the start of series production.

Battery Production

From local small series production to multi-product-lines for medium volumes and specialized individual production lines for mass production - we can adapt our existing Webasto plants for production in best series quality close to our customers worldwide. 

Battery Testing

At the prototype centres in Hengersberg and Jiaxing, Webasto carries out extensive corrosion, leakage and thermal shock tests and validates both individual modules and complete battery systems.

Battery Locations

Webasto assembly plants worldwide offer: modern and flexible production facilities, proximity to customers, production and concepts from small series to mass production and state-of-the-art robotic assembly.

Battery Development or off-the-shelf Product - The Choice is Yours

With the start of its own battery production, Webasto has opened a completely new chapter in the company's 120-year history in 2019. Whether it's a standardized battery system for commercial vehicles or a battery pack manufactured individually according to our customers' wishes - all our solutions meet the highest quality, safety and performance standards far beyond automotive requirements.

  • Individualized Battery Solutions
  • Standard Battery Systems
Webasto Individualized Battery Solutions

Individualized Battery Solutions

With our capability to create individualized battery systems, we can respond with a high degree of flexibility to a wide range of customer needs. With our modular Webasto design approach, we successfully develop tailor-made or “build-to-print” battery solutions for both passenger and commercial vehicles according to customer specifications. Our product and process development, the additional production options of in-house prototyping, electronics development and production and our test center ensure a reduced time-to-market from pre-development to the start of series production.

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Webasto CV Standard Battery System

Standard Battery Systems

The Webasto CV standard battery system is designed for the commercial vehicle market and offers robust packaging, automotive standard design, zero compromise quality and an efficient cooling interface. Coupled with Samsung SDI state-of-the-art cell technology, Webasto CV standard battery system is a perfect fit for commercial vehicles. Designed for light, medium and heavy duty on- and off-road requirements, the Webasto CV standard battery system brings a off-the-shelf solution to reality. Modularity is our core design principle, with which we fit in your commercial vehicle application.

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We put it through its paces

The Testing and Prototyping Center in Hengersberg offers capacities for building up to 1,200 battery system prototypes per year, which allows us to guarantee a fast internal set-up and thus short development cycles. 

The heart of the Testing Facility is the e-MAST (electrified multi-axial oscillating table) for batteries. This unique structure allows complete battery systems to be charged/discharged according to customer specifications and tested under realistic conditions.

Our in-house electronics development, testing and validation ensure reduced time-to-market from pre-development to the start of series production. Hengersberg is also the blueprint for other battery testing facilites, just like the chinese Webasto battery center in Jiaxing, China.

Battery Production

Made in Schierling for customers all over the world: The Webasto plant in Bavaria is home to one of the most modern production facilities for battery systems - the highly flexible Multi-Product-Line, which can produce up to 40,000 battery systems per year.

The special feature of the plant is its flexible production as well as the modularity of the production stations.

Since 2019, battery systems for a European bus manufacturer as well as the company's own modular standard battery system for commercial vehicles are produced here.

Thanks to ist state-of-the-art equipment, the technology plant in Schierling also serves as a model for other Webasto battery plants, such as the one in Dangjin, Korea, where the first passenger car battery from Hyundai Kia Motors Corporation is produced since spring 2022.

On the 90-metre-long production line at the plant in Dangjin, around 100 colleagues at 39 stations together with 18 robots manufacture up to 100,000 batteries per year for our customer Hyundai-Kia Motors. A production cycle includes, among other things, the application of the thermal paste, the insertion of the cell modules and the assembly of the lid.


In addition to technological progress, Webasto is dedicated to its ecological responsibility. We think along the entire development, production and product cycle and are actively working with various initiatives and projects to reduce our carbon footprint. At the Schierling plant, a large part of the energy requirement is supplied by the company's own photovoltaic system. With an output of up to 750 kWp, battery production can be supplied 100% by solar energy. Together with the 2 MW combined heat and power plant installed in 2014, the PV system is a key component of Webasto's overall strategy for sustainable battery production and a perfect example of a comprehensive energy concept. In the coming years, the site will be continuously developed - with sustainability as the guiding principle.

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Our Success Stories

Previous project successes confirm our path to electric mobility. More and more customers are using our standard battery system or a individualized system for their vehicles. Recent orders from leading vehicle manufacturers include the production of a passenger car battery, batteries for hybrid vehicles and the production of cell modules for a large German photovoltaic company.

Battery Production for the Hyundai-Kia Motors Corporation

We are where our customers are: In the newly built plant in Dangjin, Korea, the first Webasto-owned passenger car battery will roll off the production line from 2022 as part of the cooperation with Hyundai-Kia Motors Corporation. On the highly automated production line, up to 100,000 battery systems per year can be manufactured in a first phase. The passenger car battery will be available in two different versions, namely the long-range version and a basic version.

Webasto Battery System Locations

Webasto's global internal network and broad international presence underpin one of the company's great strengths: we are where our customers are. Webasto Battery Systems has access to all Webasto production facilities worldwide and is already represented globally with ten locations. In terms of sales, we rely on a globally oriented, proven structure with local support thanks to individual market know-how.

Webasto Battery Locations

Webasto Battery Locations Worldwide

Battery Locations worldwide
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Read top news about our products and get deep insights into our battery development, production or the different applications of our battery packs.

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As a systems partner for electric mobility we are not only contributing with our battery portfolio to a resource-friendly mobility, also in terms of sustainable battery production we take responsibility. We accompany our customers on their journey to emission-free mobility of tomorrow. Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions. We will get back to you!

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