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Highest Quality and Safety Standards

Our battery systems meet the highest quality, safety and performance requirements, far exceeding automotive standards.

Highest Quality and Safety Standards

Highest Requirements and Standards

Our modular standardized and individualized battery systems are designed for performance and durability and exceed the highest automotive safety standards. The battery systems are manufactured in-house and have a robust housing in a unique design.

Testing and Prototyping in Hengersberg

At our test and prototype center in Hengersberg we conduct extensive state-of-the-art corrosion, leakage and thermal shock tests and validate both cells and battery systems. The center has the capacity for building up to 1,200 battery system prototypes per year, which means we can guarantee rapid internal setup and therefore short development cycles.

Multi-Product-Line in Schierling

Our production facility in Schierling is equipped with a capacity of up to 20,000 batteries per year and allows to flexibly manufacture a wide range of batteries in variable sizes and configurations. We use the best battery cells, giving us the option to continuously improve our systems.

Internal Development

Our competencies include internal mechanical system development and integration, leading-edge thermal management, internal software and algorithm development, and the design and production of all E/E components.

Sustainability at Webasto

For a green future, we consider the entire product cycle and are looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint still further: Together with specialized recycling companies, we are developing concepts for reusing our battery systems.

Individualized Battery Solutions

CV Standard Battery Systems

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