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Committed to a green future, Webasto Charging Systems is a full-service business partner providing comprehensive energy management and forward-thinking e-mobility solutions, including advanced charging stations, worldwide-certified cordsets, and intelligent digital connectivity services. Our unique understanding of the electric vehicle industry inspires us to push the boundaries and work passionately on innovative and scalable charging solutions. Our global footprint and broad product scope are ideal for managing complex, high-volume projects that meet stringent quality, safety, and performance requirements. Together with our partners and customers, we are committed to making e-mobility easy, smart and connected.

Worldwide Production

Always close to our customers - Webasto has more than 50 locations worldwide. We produce our charging systems for the North American market in Mexico. For the remaining markets, we have production facilities in Germany and China.

Our knowledge in mechanics and electronics helps us to constantly set new benchmarks. With our holistic approach to electromobility, we develop solutions to help shape the needs of sustainable mobility in the future.

We offer an effective production process of our charging stations - From initial assembly to delivery to our diverse customer groups.

Customized Charging Solutions

The mobility landscape of tomorrow is sustainable, electric and connected. As a full-service provider of forward-thinking e-mobility charging solutions, Webasto Charging Systems’ global footprint and broad product scope are ideal for managing complex and high-volume projects, specifically designed for OEMs.

Webasto offers a complete suite of charging solutions, including state-of-the-art charging stations, comprehensive installation and maintenance services, and intelligent digital connectivity.

Whether it’s used as a personal, business, fleet operator or a service for the public, we make charging affordable and easy.

Webasto Level 2 Charging Cordset in Detail

The Webasto Level 2 Charging Cordset is a premium mobile EV Supply Equipment, compatible with all electric vehicles and complies with the requirements of major automotive OEMs. Weighing only 9 lbs. (4.1kg), the compact and lightweight system can be taken anywhere while enabling high-power charging at up to 7.7 kW, which is “5” times faster than any standard Level 1 Cordset. The swappable grid plug enables low and high-power charging in hundreds of countries across the world. The Webasto Smart Plug Technology automatically determines and sets the correct power level according to global technical and legal requirements. Even more, we put your brand on the spotlight by offering customized solutions.

Webasto Mobile Charger for the US market

Webasto Mobile Charger for US Market

The most important product specifications at a glance:

  • Globally certified according to UL, cUL, CE and CQC standards
  • Local production capabilities in all major markets
  • Interchangeable grid plugs for global use
  • State-of-the-art safety features
  • Compact, portable Level 2 Charger
  • IP67 Rating can be submerged up to 3ft (1m)

Webasto Turbo DX™ Gen 2.0
in Detail

Next Generation Cost-Efficient Wallbox - Your time and project costs matter to us. The Webasto Turbo DX™ Gen 2.0 is designed to allow a cost-efficient and rapid deployment for a broad range of applications. The robust wallbox withstands extreme weather and environmental conditions and its slim design offers space saving mounting options including interior and exterior walls and posts.

Webasto TurboDX™ Gen 2.0 Charger for the US market

Webasto Turbo DX™ Gen 2.0 for US Market

The most important product specifications at a glance:

  • Power Output up to 7.7kW
  • Plug Type: NEMA 14-50, NEMA 5-15 and more
  • -40C (-40°F) to +80C (176°F)
  • UL, cUL, CE, CQC certified
  • Industry-leading safety features and electrical protection
  • Missing ground and residual current detection

Webasto AC Connected Wallbox
in Detail

Upscale Your Charging Experience - The next level of electrification starts with the Webasto AC Connected Wallbox designed for private, semi-public, and public applications. The smart & efficient wallbox comes with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity and follows the highest Cyber Security standards. With being ETL certified according to UL2594, the wallbox excels stringent automotive quality, safety, and performance requirements. Our Webasto Digital Solutions is the perfect addition to the Webasto AC Connected Wallbox. With being fully integrated into the Webasto backend, charging providers can realize the advantages of efficient and demand-optimized charging. End-users benefit from the easy-to-use Webasto ChargeConnect App which interacts seamlessly with existing backend cloud services, enabling payments, data collection and analysis. Reliable charging was never easier before.

Webasto AC Connected Wallbox for the US market

Webasto AC Connected Wallbox for US Market

The most important product specifications at a glance:

  • Maximum Output to EV vehicle with up to 48A at 240V (Spit Phase or Phase Ground) providing 11.5kW
  • Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Ethernet following highest Cyber Security Standards (TMP, PEN Testing, HARA, and TARA)
  • Industry Standard SAE J1772™ connector
  • ETL certified according to UL2594
  • IK10 compliant and IP65 enclosure

Webasto EV Digital Solutions
in Detail

Enhanced User Experience at Your Fingertips - With our intuitive e-mobility Digital Solutions, charging is just within a hands’ reach. Whether you want to reduce the running costs of operating vehicles or offer your visitors and guests an additional service, our Webasto Digital Solutions provides the strategy and charging plan for and helps you to achieve these goals. Webasto Digital Solutions allows streamlined tracking and billing of users based on metered electricity consumption at the office or at home. Perfect for expense reports, ongoing reconciliations and promoting a strong sense of sustainability and green policies, Webasto Digital Solutions is an intelligent software solution communicating seamlessly between the car, the charging point and the grid in the backend. Our experts are always there to support your installation, maintenance and data management needs. Managing a charging project or EV fleet has never been simpler.

Webasto EV Digital Solutions for Webasto Charging Products

Webasto EV Digital Solutions for US Market

The most important product specifications at a glance:

  • Cost efficient management of multiple parallel charging sessions with Peak Shaving
  • Maintenance and remote diagnostics
  • Detailed overview of charging data
  • Billing & roaming features
  • Carbon credit reporting
  • Smart, user intuitive & easy to manage

Webasto Industrial Charging
in Detail

Bringing over a decade of expertise, Webasto is leading provider for industrial charging, power cycling and battery testing systems.Our local experts can guide you through our Webasto Industrial Charging product portfolio and help you with your perfect choice.Explore the Industrial product portfolio here.

Webasto Industrial Charging with PosiCharge

Webasto Industrial Charging

With PosiCharge by Webasto, we offer the most powerful industrial charging solutions for forklifts, industrial trucks, airport ground support equipment, as well as matching battery management. By using our industrial solutions, you not only reduce your operating costs but also increase your effectiveness and safety.


Connect with us at these events

Webasto is a global company and is represented at numerous trade fairs and congresses worldwide. You can find a selection of them here.

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  • March 29 - 30, 2023, Anaheim, CA EV Charging Infrastructure

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  • March 30 - 31, 2023, Las Vegas, NV EV Charging Summit

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  • May 1-4, 2023, Anaheim, CA ACT Expo

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  • May 15-17, 2023, Portland, OR Forth Roadmap

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  • June 11-14, 2023, Sacramento, CA EVS36

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