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Roof Systems

As a global market leader for panoramic roofs, sunroofs and convertible roofs, Webasto delivers solutions that complement vehicle designs and enhance interior comfort with innovative features like switchable glazing, ambient lighting and entertainment functions. As part of its product portfolio, Webasto offers roof systems for electric cars and autonomous driving, as well as solar power solutions.

Enjoy every drive! Webasto openable panoramic roof systems

The world leader for vehicle roof systems

Innovative products, highly motivated employees, system know-how, manufacturing expertise and the highest quality standards make Webasto the world's No. 1 roof specialist.

Enjoy every drive! Webasto openable panoramic roof systems


Our roof systems

The requirements for roof systems are as varied as the vehicles themselves. Whether its openable or fixed, made of glass or textile, features integrated sensors or other functions, Webasto offers a range of roof features to accommodate any requirement.

Our innovative functions

Webasto roof systems can be equipped with a wide range of innovative functions. For example, integrated lighting elements and switchable glazing contribute to increased comfort and a feeling of spaciousness for passengers.

Our technologies

The use of state-of-the-art materials, technologies & testing methods is a matter of course for Webasto, enabling us to meet customer requirements & deliver the highest quality standards.

Our excellent quality

Roofs are developed by specialists in prototype construction and are manufactured through detailed production processes where quality is tested at every step.

Our roof systems

Thanks to our system expertise, we offer the broadest portfolio of individual roof systems: from openable or fixed roofs, to different materials such as glass and textile, to intelligent solutions with integrated sensor technology or further features.

Webasto delivers more than just a roof

Innovation and a clear understanding of customer requirements drive Webasto’s roof system development. When creating electromobility products, certain factors, like space and weight optimization, must be considered. Webasto offers tailor-made roof systems with glass surfaces that let plenty of light into the vehicle interior, creating a bright, pleasant atmosphere with a view.

Roof systems from Webasto are more than just a roof. Maximum opening functions ensure a unique feeling of freedom and enhance light elements that turn the glass surface into a design element, not just a roof. Innovative technology trends enhance comfort in the vehicle.

Our innovative roof functions

Roof systems from Webasto enhance comfort and set visual accents without compromising the vehicle architecture, making them an attractive design element that sets new standards.

Webasto Roof Systems - Our innovative roof features

Countless possibilities with our roof systems

Webasto’s goal is to develop maximum comfort and safety for passengers in harmony with the vehicle design, for the vehicle roofs of today and tomorrow. Because functions can be combined individually, the possibilities are limitless.

With the most innovative technologies, our roof system becomes an attractive design element that constantly sets new standards for comfort.

Webasto Roof Systems - Our innovative roof features

  • Ambient lighting
  • Switchable glazing
  • Solar roof
Webasto coordinated lighting scenarios with ambient lighting

Ambient lighting

Subtle lighting elements and coordinated lighting scenarios create a pleasant atmosphere in the vehicle's interior and emphasize the design of the roof. Lighting elements are integrated into the guide rails of the roof system, and colors and patterns can be selected and combined individually, so no two solutions are alike.

Webasto switchable glazing in panorama roofs

Switchable glazing

A clear view of the sky, pleasant shading for sun protection or more privacy: Webasto is the pioneer among automotive suppliers for switchable glazing in panoramic roofs. At the touch of a button, the glass cover either darkens or becomes transparent again. The advanced technology and design allow for individual freedom. For example, the shading can be activated for specific individual roof segments. The use of these technologies brings a decisive advantage, especially for electric or hybrid vehicles; because blinds are no longer needed for shading, valuable installation space is saved.

Webasto integration of solar cells in the vehicle roof

Solar roof

The integration of solar cells into electric and hybrid vehicle roofs is attracting a great deal of interest. Webasto, a pioneer in this field, installed the first solar roof in an Audi 80 Coupé in 1989. Much has happened in the solar industry since then, and Webasto has made technical advances to its solar roofs. Today, the efficient solar cells can produce significantly more electricity, which can be used to charge the drive battery via intelligent battery management. This reduces the load on the alternator and lowers fuel consumption. For this reason, the solar roof has been listed as a battery-charging solar roof in the technical guideline as an eco-innovation since 2013. If a solar roof is installed for battery charging, a gasoline-powered vehicle emits an average of 3.8 g/km less CO2 while a diesel vehicle emits around 2.65 g/km less. This makes the solar roof one of the current most efficient eco-innovations on the market.

Roof Innovation Tour

If you’d like to see Webasto’s innovations in-person, but don’t have the opportunity to visit our Innovation Fair in Planegg, Germany, Webasto offers customers an exclusive virtual tour. Our experts will digitally broadcast the products to you and answer your questions in a live webcast.

Webasto roof innovation tour - book your appointment

Book your appointment

Are you interested in our roof systems and want to experience the various solutions and functions in action?

We offer digital tours through our Innovation Fair exclusively to our customers.

Send us a message via our contact form and we will get in touch with you.

Our roof technologies

Webasto is characterized by its state-of-the-art materials, technologies and processes, high quality standards, and the expertise of its employees.

Webasto Roof Systems - Individual and customized solutions for every customer

Tailored solutions

With technical expertise, passion, enthusiasm and attention to detail, Webasto’s employees develop technologies that make vehicle roof systems unique.




Webasto Roof Systems - Individual and customized solutions for every customer

  • Polycarbonate
  • Polyurethane foaming
  • Polyurethane
  • ProTec Glass
Webasto innovative materials - polycarbonate in our roof systems


Polycarbonate is an excellent alternative to glass. With this material, weight savings of around 50 percent can be achieved compared to glass. In addition, polycarbonate is impact-resistant and possesses an outstanding three-dimensional formability. Thanks to a high-quality paint coating (Hardcoat AS 4700), the polycarbonate roof is also scratch-resistant and withstands weathering and UV radiation. Its properties make polycarbonate an ideal material for front covers of electric or autonomous vehicles.

Webasto innovative technologies - Polyurethane foaming for our roof systems

Polyurethane foaming

Polyurethane foaming, a process Webasto has been using for decades, is used to connect components such as screws and reinforcements to a glass sheet with polyurethane. The polyeurethane serves both as a link between the various components and as construction material to form special geometries. Webasto utilizes customized molds, tools and machines for this purpose. It is a special bonding process in which the visible surface can be fully influenced. By combining adhesive and filler, the visible area is given a high-quality and visually appealing design.

Webasto innovative materials - Polyurethane in roof systems


The core of polyurethane composites consists of paper honeycombs coated with a mixture of polyurethane and reinforcing fibers. The rigidity of the material makes it ideal for the production of outer covering parts with an area of more than two-square-meters. On the outside, the roof is covered with a grained, deep-drawn and weather-resistant film, while the inside is flocked to match the interior. The material weighs 50 percent less than steel and offers 3D formability, distinctive acoustic and heat-insulating qualities.

Webasto innovative materials - ProTec® glas

ProTec ® Glass

Webasto ProTec Glass is a safety glazing made of glass and plastic. Under cleanroom conditions, a highly tear-resistant polyethylene terephthalate (PET) film is applied to the inside of curved single-pane safety glass (ESG). If a ProTec pane breaks in the event of an accident, the film holds the individual glass elements together as a whole. This prevents individual glass fragments from falling which reduces the risk of injuries. The protective function of Webasto’s ProTec Glass enables the use of very thin (less than 3 millimeters) glass, making the panes lighter than other counterparts. With ProTec Glass, weight savings of around 10 to 15 percent can be achieved compared to conventional laminated safety glass.

Webasto automotive glass production

Automotive glazing

Webasto has significantly increased its depth of added value by entering the glass finishing sector. The build-up of competence in glass production opens up many new possibilities for us, for example in the areas of switchable glazing, ambient lighting or solar roofs. These functionalities are no longer only in demand in the premium segment, but increasingly also in large-volume vehicles in the small and medium class. In addition, 'smart glass' is also playing an increasingly important role in autonomous driving cars, for which we have also developed the Roof Sensor Module, for example in terms of privacy, safety and entertainment. Thus, Webasto already offers roof systems for the electric future.

Multi Optional Roof: One platform - many roof variants 

Automotive manufacturers are faced with the challenge of meeting a multitude of global customer requirements. As a result, platform strategies and modular systems are becoming increasingly relevant. At the same time, markets are becoming increasingly volatile. Webasto offers automakers a solution for roof systems that allows them to respond flexibly to different market requirements. The idea of the Multi Optional Roof is one vehicle interface with many roof variants, meaning that different roof systems can be fitted to one body-in-white variant. The advantage for the manufacturer is obvious: more flexibility in vehicle development. The roof system is considered an integral component in the design and planning of the overall vehicle. Consequently, it is not necessary to decide at the design stage which roof system will be integrated in later vehicle models. 

Choose your roof system

Webasto offers individual solutions suitable for all requirements and applications. Choose your roof system in combination with innovative features. Webasto fulfills all wishes regarding comfort and design with its technologies. 

Openable roof systems

Clear view of the sky and a breath of fresh air on request? With panoramic roofs from Webasto, drivers and passengers can enjoy the sense of freedom on every journey. Together with car manufacturers, we develop high-quality openable roof systems that also meet highest requirements of headroom or acoustics – for small cars through to premium SUVs.

The opening function can be combined with many other innovative features, such as attractive design, pleasant shading or unequaled entertainment.

Fixed roof systems

Large-scale panoramic roofs impress with their clear and puristic appearance. And yet Webasto's fixed roof systems are more than just a glass roof: the integration of innovative technologies such as switchable glazing or ambient lighting complete the advantages of installation space optimization and weight reduction to create a perfect solution for electromobile use.

Convertible roof systems

As an expert in convertible roof systems, Webasto offers the world's widest variety of convertible tops for this special driving experience - whether retractable hardtop, softtop or hybrid top for exclusive small series or volume models. Webasto's convertible tops meet the highest demands in terms of acoustics, appearance, convenient operation, opening and closing times, and storage space.

By using innovative technologies and materials, new systems as well as components, Webasto is also constantly expanding its range and thus shaping the convertible world of tomorrow.

Roof systems for autonomous driving

With the Roof Sensor Module, Webasto is helping to shape the future of autonomous driving and offers car manufacturers the opportunity to integrate sensors for autonomous driving functions while retaining their individual vehicle architecture. Camera, radar and lidar technologies lay the foundation for safety and reliable 360° environment detection in autonomous driving.

To detect obstacles, road users and hazards in all weather conditions, a set of different sensors as well as sensor availability systems are integrated at several positions in the roof. The different technologies combine their individual strengths to deliver reliable results in all weather conditions.

Our excellent roof quality

At Webasto, innovation and tradition meet the highest quality standards. Webasto vehicle roofs are developed by specialists in prototype construction and manufactured and quality is tested throughout the production process.

Webasto Roof Systems - Our production and testing

Our production and testing methods 

Webasto specializes in the development and production of complex systems. In order to be close to our customers and to meet all requirements, Webasto is represented in three continents with its roof production. Sophisticated, finely tuned and highly engineered production processes as well as automated manufacturing areas ensure optimal results and the highest customer satisfaction all over the world. To ensure top-quality standards, Webasto roof systems undergo elaborate testing procedures.

Webasto Roof Systems - Our production and testing

  • Coating
  • End-of-line testing
  • Test methods
Webasto production in a nutshell - Polyurethane (PU) foaming wrap

Polyurethane (PU) foam encapsulation

PU foam encapsulation is used to merge mounted parts, such as screws and reinforcements, with a glass pane by using polyurethane material. PU foam encapsulation is a special bonding method using adhesive and filler that gives the visible surface a high-quality and visually appealing finish. In its PU Competence Center, Webasto draws on decades of experience and consolidates its knowledge about polyurethane foaming to ensure all Webasto plants have access to this comprehensive knowledge.

Webasto production in a nutshell - End-of-line testing of our roof systems

End-of-line testing

When Webasto roof modules leave the production line, they still have a long way to go before reaching customers, but Webasto leaves nothing to chance. After several sample tests during production, the quality of the components is checked again at the end of the line. Components have to withstand long periods of stress, humidity and temperature changes without issue before they are handed over to the customer and used on the road. 

Webasto production in a nutshell - Product tests before series delivery

Our roofs in the stress test 

To ensure roofs uphold in extreme situations, they are regularly exposed to a wide range of conditions in Webasto test centers. Webasto simulates environmental conditions such as extreme cold, intense heat or heavy rain and, to test the acoustics, a variety of possible noise conditions. 

Shakers are used to test the opening and closing functions under strong vibrations to ensure the roof functions smoothly on any surface. Roofs have to pass all stress tests with top marks before they are delivered to customers.

Our customer vision

Webasto - Our global footprint

Our global footprint

Webasto is where its customers are. As a global market leader with a broad product portfolio, Webasto has a strong global network with customers, suppliers and colleagues. The company produces in the market for the market and works primarily with suppliers in the respective regions. Webasto understands market and regional needs and can effectively meet demands.

Webasto responsibility with a long-term view

Responsibility with a Long-term View

Responsibility with a long-term view is one of Webasto‘s five corporate values and has shaped its actions as a family-owned company since its foundation in 1901. Today, Webasto considers the value a guiding principle for meeting economic, ecological and social responsibility requirements with holistic solutions. Its customers expect this just as much as Webasto does.

Latest News about our roof systems

Read top news about our products and get deep insights into our roof development, production or the different applications of our roof packs.

You have more questions?

Together with our customers, we are actively shaping the mobility of today and tomorrow - with innovative roof systems for every need from autonomous driving to the convertible feeling. If you have any further questions about our individual solutions for OEMs, please feel free to contact us. We will get in touch with you in a timely manner. Please note that we do not offer retrofit roof systems for end customers. Our roofs are exclusively for original equipment by an automotive manufacturer. If you have any questions about existing roof systems in your vehicle, please contact your dealer.

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