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Fixed panoramic roof systems

Fixed panoramic roofs are an elegant and versatile roof solution that is becoming increasingly popular with the rise of electromobility. The large glass surface not only offers a wide view, but it also provides a bright, pleasant ambience that enhances the user experience within the vehicle’s interior. Thanks to its design, this type of roof also offers passengers maximum headroom. Additionally, many individual features can be integrated into the large panoramic roofs to enhance comfort and design, making Webasto’s roof systems more than just roofs.

Webasto fixed panoramic roof systems - large glass, maximum headspace

More than just a roof

"We are seeing increasing customer demand for roof systems with integrated innovations for comfort and design - and not just for openable roofs, but also for fixed panoramic roofs in the wake of electromobility."

Freddy Geeraerds - Member of the Management Board

Webasto fixed panoramic roof systems - large glass, maximum headspace

Webasto's technological innovations use glass surfaces a key space for enhancing design and comfort. These technologies will also play an important role in future autonomous vehicles - where privacy, safety and entertainment will play different roles.

Versatile solutions

As a system integrator, we can fulfill our customers' individual needs with innovative solutions. The integration of switchable glazing and light or solar cells is also possible in combination with many other features. This makes the glass surface of the roof a real highlight.

  • Shading
  • Ambient lighting
Webasto fixed panoramic roof systems - Shading function for more privacy

Shading function

Large glass surfaces provide a lot of brightness and transparency. If there is a desire for privacy or shade, an integrated roller blind is a simple solution. The mechanism is designed to take up hardly any installation space and can be operated quietly, thanks to a brushless motor. A particularly innovative solution is shade at the touch of a button. The technology is integrated directly into the glass pane and can be activated in seconds. It takes individual comfort to a new level because, by shading individual segments, each passenger’s preferences can be catered to. There are no limits to the imagination; the switchable glass can also be used as a unique design element through individual design.

Webasto fixed panoramic roof systems - ambience and atmosphere in vehicle interior

Ambient lighting

Light can be used to control the ambience and atmosphere in the vehicle interior and create special effects and highlights to match the design concept. For instance, light strips and points are integrated into the roof rails and can be customized to a desired color scheme at the touch of a button. Thanks to Webasto’s innovative technologies, light can also be integrated directly into the glass. While passengers can enjoy a clear view of the sky during the day, the generous glass surfaces of our panoramic roofs can also become illuminated in the dark. Additionally, a wide variety of patterns and colors can be combined according to individual preferences, making there are no limits to creativity.

Webasto fixed panoramic roof systems - ventilation function for fresh air

The advantages of an additional ventilation function

  • Additional Ventilation Function for FTMs provides driver’s interaction with the roof
  • Fresh air, broad view and maximum headroom
  • Tilting glass pane with variable positioning of the dividing line between the glass panes
  • Attractive appearance
  • Direct transition from windscreen to panoramic pane (no front cover required)
  • See-through area competitive to FTM, in particular in combination with switchable glazing
  • Increased added value by combining tiltable roof with ambient light or solar panels

On the road with the sun

For electric and hybrid vehicles, solar energy is a smart solution. Webasto is a pioneer in the integration of solar cells in the roof and has been advancing this technology for more than 30 years.

Webasto fixed panoramic roof systems with solar panels

Battery charging solar roof

Today's efficient solar cells produce significantly more electricity, which can be used to charge the traction battery via intelligent battery management. As a result, alternator use and fuel consumption are reduced. In this way, both range and comfort can be increased by using solar energy for heating, cooling or entertainment. Allowing for visibility and individual arrangement, the solar cells serve as an eye-catching energy source. Since 2013, the innovation, listed as a "Battery Charging Solar Roof" in technical guidelines, is also an eco-innovation.

The CO2 savings potential of the solar roof is also impressive. A gasoline engine emits an average of 3.8 g/km less CO2 and a diesel vehicle around 2.65 g/km if a solar roof is on-board for battery charging. This makes the solar roof currently one of the most efficient eco-innovations on the market.

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