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Innovative Materials

Webasto is continuously optimizing its roof systems through the use of cutting-edge materials, thereby countering the increasingly demanding challenges being posed by the sector.

Among others, the following innovative materials are used for the roof systems:


A particularly impact-resistant and three-dimensionally moldable plastic. Further information on this can be found under Polycarbonate.

Polyurethane Composites

Polyurethane composites are fiber-reinforced composites that are characterized by their high level of stiffness with simultaneously low weight. Additional information on this can be found under Polyurethane Composites.

Webasto Glas ProTec®

Webasto Glas ProTec® is a glass-plastic composite in which a PET film is applied to single-layer safety glass (TSG). Further information can be found at Webasto Glas ProTec®.

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