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Openable roof systems

Panoramic roofs offer drivers a genuine open-air feeling with a sense of spaciousness and a clear view of the sky. They are not only trendy, but they also turn driving into an experience.

Webasto openable roof systems - More comfort and individual design

More comfort and individual design

Openable roof systems are the ideal complement to air conditioning as they ensure efficient air exchange in the vehicle. The fresh air can counteract fatigue and support the ability to concentrate. It also creates a generous feeling of space inside the vehicle.

Webasto roofs are characterized by their silent operation, intuitive handling and attractive design. As a result, they not only fit elegantly into the vehicle architecture, but they also enhance comfort for all passengers.

Webasto openable roof systems - More comfort and individual design

Versatile solutions

Webasto developed and first launched both the sunroof and panoramic roof to the market. Since then, Webasto has continuously expanded and developed their portfolio. The company is in close exchange with car manufacturers to optimally meet the design requirements of individual vehicle types.

  • Top load
  • Bottom load
  • Classic sunroof
Webasto openable roof systems - panoramic top load roof

Panoramic top-load

During the top-load mounting process, the roof element is placed on the vehicle from above. The front cover is made of plastic or glass and ensures a harmonious overall appearance. The system is space-saving and provides plenty of headroom and stability. Opening and ventilation positions can be individually determined, and shading is possible via a roller blind or switchable glazing. A "rail-to-rail" design can also be implemented with this system. In this case, the roof system spans from side rail to side rail and thus creates a large glass area.

Webasto openable roof systems - panoramic bottom load roof

Panoramic bottom-load

During this assembly process, which is characterized by compact mechanics, the roof element is installed in the vehicle from below. This not only allows the roof to open in different positions up to 100 percent, but also ensures maximum headroom and stability. In addition, different sealing concepts can be applied in this assembly process, reducing the effort required for vehicle assembly.

Webasto openable roof systems - the classic sunroof

Classic sunroof

Sunroofs and spoiler roofs provide fresh air and a view of the sky. Sunroofs are installed in vehicles from below, are suitable for all vehicle types with a conventional covering and disappear into the covering when opened. In the case of spoiler roofs, the glass roof slides over the covering when opened.

Gentle ventilation is possible via the tilt function. The roofs can be opened and closed by using the controls integrated in the vehicle's headliner, or if desired, from the outside via the remote control on ignition key. The integrated anti-trap feature ensures safety.

Our innovative functions

Openable panoramic roofs not only provide fresh air and enhance comfort, but, equipped with modern functions, they also become a special design element, making them more than just a roof.

  • Ambient lighting
  • Switchable glazing
  • Integrated solar cells
Webasto openable roof innovative features - Ambient lighting in the panoramic roof

Ambient lighting in the panoramic roof

Suitable light influences the mood of passengers. Modern lighting elements, therefore, are indispensable in vehicles and have long been an essential part of creating a high-quality ambience. Webasto harnesses the power of light and integrates it into the glass of its panoramic roofs. In this way, atmospheric accents can be set in the vehicle’s interior by illumination, contributing to the passengers' sense of well-being, and, on a functional level, making it easier for passengers to locate vehicle functions. Particularly at dusk or nighttime, suitable lighting can support drivers. There are no limits to the possibilities. Individual, modern lighting scenarios turn the panoramic roof into a unique ambience element.

Webasto openable roof innovative features - Switchable glazing in the panoramic roof

Switchable glazing in the panoramic roof

Large glass surfaces flood the vehicle's interior with light. Thanks to the integrated switchable glazing, it is possible to change this by pressing a button. However, shading and privacy are not the only advantages of this innovative technology. Due to switchable glazing, for example, roller blinds are no longer required, which provides additional headroom. Passengers can also activate the segments separately and thus create the shade they individually prefer.

Webasto openable roof innovative features - Integrated solar cells in the panoramic roof

Integrated solar cells in the panoramic roof

Panoramic roofs from Webasto offer added value for electric or hybrid vehicles, because solar cells can also be integrated into the large glass surfaces. 

The power of the sun can be used, for example, to extend the range of the vehicle. Furthermore, solar energy can be harnessed to supply air-conditioning or entertainment functions. Webasto has been working with this technology for more than 30 years and is a pioneer in this field. 

Our technologies

Thanks to the extensive research and development expertise of its employees, Webasto is up to date on trends and is constantly furthering development of its technologies. The use of modern materials, high quality standards and high customer orientation are a matter of course for Webasto.

Tailored solutions

All Webasto roof systems contain the extensive engineering knowledge of its employees, who develop technologies that make the vehicle roofs unique with a high level of technical expertise, passion, enthusiasm, and attention to detail.

  • Polyurethane foaming
  • Polyurethane
  • ProTec Glass
Webasto innovative technologies - Polyurethane foaming for our roof systems

Polyurethane foaming

Polyurethane foaming is a technology used to connect components such as screws and reinforcements to a glass sheet by using polyurethane (PU). The PU serves both as a link between the various components and as construction material to form special geometries. Webasto deploys customized molds, tools and machines for this purpose. It is a special bonding process in which the visible surface can be fully influenced. 

By combining adhesive and filler, the visible area is given a high-quality and visually appealing design. Webasto possesses decades of experience regarding this technology. 

Webasto innovative materials - Polyurethane in roof systems


The core of polyurethane composites consists of paper honeycombs coated with a mixture of polyurethane and reinforcing fibers. The rigidity of the material makes it ideal for the production of outer covering parts with an area of more than two square meters. On the outside, the roof is covered with a grained, deep-drawn and weather-resistant film, while the inside is flocked to match the interior. 

In addition to the weight reduction of over 50 percent in comparison with steel, the outstanding 3D formability and the distinctive acoustic and heat-insulating qualities are further advantages of the material. 

Webasto innovative materials - ProTec® glas

ProTec Glass ®

Webasto ProTec® Glass is a safety glazing made of glass and plastic. Under cleanroom conditions, a highly tear-resistant polyethylene terephthalate (PET) film is applied to the inside of curved single-pane safety glass (ESG). If a ProTec Glass pane breaks in the event of an accident, the film holds the individual glass elements together as a whole. This prevents individual glass fragments from falling and thus reduces the risk of injuries. 

This protective function of Webasto Protec Glass enables the use of very thin (< 3 millimeters), lighter glass panes. With Protec Glass, weight savings of around 10 to 15 percent can be achieved, compared to conventional laminated safety glass. 

Our excellent openable roof quality

At Webasto, innovation and tradition meet the highest quality standards. Our roofs are not only developed by our specialists in prototype construction and manufactured in perfected production processes, they are then meticulously tested for quality down to the last part.

Webasto sunroof production and testing quality

Our production and testing

At Webasto, we have specialized not only in the development but also in the production of complex systems. In order to be close to our customers and to be able to fulfill their wishes optimally, Webasto is represented on three continents with its umbrella production. Perfected, finely tuned and high-tech production processes as well as automated manufacturing areas ensure perfect results and maximum customer satisfaction all over the world.

To ensure our highest quality standards, our roof systems must constantly pass the most elaborate testing procedures.

Webasto sunroof production and testing quality

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