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Panorama Roofs

A clear view of the sky and – if desired – a breath of fresh air? This is what panorama roofs from Webasto offer drivers and passengers on every journey.
Together with automotive manufacturers, we develop high quality roof systems for small cars through to premium SUVs.
Among others, the product range includes the following panorama roof systems:

Large, Two-Panel Panorama Roof

The large, two-panel panorama roof from Webasto can also be fitted with ambient lighting or switchable glazing. Further information on these additional features can be found under Innovative Technologies.

Sporty Single-Panel Spoiler Roof

The panels of the sporty single-panel spoiler roof from Webasto are also available in polycarbonate. Further information on polycarbonate and its benefits can be found under Innovative Technologies.

Rail-to-rail Openable Panorama Roof

Webasto is constantly developing its roof systems to ensure it can deliver mobility solutions in the future, too. In the process, we constantly focus on the whole roof system. Further information on this can be found under Systems Supplier.

Fixed Panorama Roof

Fixed panorama roofs from Webasto offer a particularly large transparent area. With the Multi Optional Roof Platform from Webasto, automakers also have the option of mounting openable roof systems on the same interface.

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