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Systems Supplier

As a long-standing global systems supplier, Webasto provides almost all automotive manufacturers with the full range of components for the roof system. From the glass panel and motor through to the roller blinds and electronics; with Webasto everything comes from a single source – and is subject to continuous optimization. With the focus always on the entire "roof" system.

Modular Roof Platform (MRP)

We use the MRP to manage our diverse range of products and the global variety of models. This also delivers shorter development times.
Our customers encounter the following benefits: By using tested and validated parts from the modular system, development times are reduced while simultaneously ensuring a high level of product maturity. This results in a noticeable reduction in the coordination and release processes.

Installation Space-Optimized Roof System

The space required for the battery means that installation space is one of the challenges posed by electromobility. We develop mechanisms, roller blinds and drives for a package-neutral roof system.

Low-Noise Roof

Webasto continuously optimizes drive cables, motors and electronics in order to reduce the noise generated when opening and closing the roof system.

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