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Air-Conditioning Systems

Whether buses, commercial vehicles, special vehicles or rail vehicles, construction vehicles or boats – we offer tailor-made air-conditioning systems for installation as original equipment in all types of vehicle.

Vans are used on a daily basis and ensure that goods or people are safely transported to their destinations, whether conditions are freezing or hot. Their drivers must, therefore, be able to depend upon the on-board technology. The cooling systems not only offer comfort, but also safety.

The product spectrum from Webasto includes high-performance systems for every van model. Whether for transporting fresh goods or temperature-sensitive drugs – or to achieve a comfortably air-conditioned driver's cab.

Vehicle manufacturers can fundamentally select from two different systems

Rooftop air-conditioners

- Compact design

- Optimum coordination of the air-conditioning components

- Simple and fast installation

- Painting in the vehicle color if desired

- Optional comfort versions (heating or fresh air)

- Proven, series-produced high-grade components

Integrated air-conditioners

- Individually selectable installation position for the components

- Full integration into the vehicle

- Does not influence the vehicle's aerodynamic characteristics

- Proven, series-produced high-grade component

With different installation options - such as beneath the dashboard or roof, in the vehicle ceiling or vertically in the rear panel - our units can be installed in almost all types of vehicle.

For a completely integrated climate solution some models also offer an additional heating function.

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