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Fuel-Operated Heater

Comforting warmth right from the start

Webasto is the technical pioneer and world market leader for parking heaters. As a systems partner, we develop and manufacture heating solutions for installation as original equipment in cars. Our product portfolio includes variants for diesel and gasoline-powered cars.

Within the shortest time, parking heaters from Webasto free the vehicle's windows of ice and snow, prevent them from icing up again and ensure pleasant temperatures inside the vehicle.

Auxiliary heaters for additional comfort

Modern diesel engines are extremely efficient. Only a minimum of waste heat is generated – too little to meet the demand for heating the vehicle's interior.

Auxiliary heaters rapidly deliver the heat required for defrosting the windows and achieving a pleasant temperature inside the vehicle. An additional feature: auxiliary heaters can be upgraded to a fully-fledged parking heater. Webasto offers corresponding upgrade kits for this purpose.

Many automobile manufacturers have for years been installing high-performance, fuel-driven auxiliary heaters from Webasto in their vehicles as standard equipment.

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