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Climate on perfect course – The BlueCool air-conditioning systems

Stockdorf/Munich. – June 6, 2013 – The new generation of BlueCool air-conditioning systems for motorboats and yachts is now available from the Webasto dealer network. The systems are offered for installation as both original equipment and for retrofitting. A wide range of compact air-conditioning and chiller systems ensures that a suitable solution is always on board.

It’s all shipshape: Calm on board, efficiency increased, size reduced
“During revision of our range we focused exactly on the wishes of motorboat and yacht manufacturers and owners. One important factor to consider was that space in the engine room is becoming increasingly scarce. Our new systems allow us to offer improved performance in a significantly smaller space,” explains Denis Merle, Director of the Recreational Vehicle and Marine market segments at Webasto.

Everyone profits from the benefits of the new air-conditioning systems, including manufacturers and owners alike – as well as renters of motorboats and yachts:

  • The systems are up to 15 percent more efficient thanks to new compressors and use of the R410a refrigerant.
  • They are up to 27 percent smaller.
  • Their weight has been reduced by up to 10 percent.
  • The systems operate up to 25 percent quieter.
  • New electronics with a PC diagnosis interface allows the user to easily make rapid changes to the settings and facilitates servicing.

The compact units: The BlueCool S series
The compact air-conditioning systems from the new BlueCool S series are suitable for boats with up to three cabins. The advantage of these space-saving models is that a separate unit is installed in each cabin which ensures that the desired temperature is maintained there. Six different models are available in this range, with cooling capacities of between 8,000 and 27,000 BTU/h. All of the units are capable not only of cooling – thanks to their heat pump function they can also provide heat. This means that even on cold days the temperatures on board will remain pleasant.

The chillers: The BlueCool C series
The robust chiller systems are strong partners for medium to large yachts. They use a water/glycol mixture as a coolant that is pumped to the cabins through pipes. Depending upon requirements, the interior can either be cooled or heated. The BlueCool C series consists of eight different air-conditioning systems with cooling capacities of between 16,000 and 108,000 BTU/h.

About Webasto

The Webasto Group is a global innovative systems partner to almost all automobile manufacturers and among the top 100 suppliers in this industry sector. The company’s product portfolio comprises a broad range of roof and heating systems for every type of vehicle and all drive types as well as battery systems and charging solutions. Moreover, Webasto has a strong position in the aftermarket providing dealers and end customers with customized solutions and services relating to thermo management and electromobility. In 2018 the company generated sales of 3.4 billion euros and had over 13,000 employees at more than 50 locations (with over 30 of these being manufacturing plants). The headquarters of the company, founded in 1901, is located in Stockdorf near Munich (Germany).