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The Roof of the Autonomous Driving Future

Webasto is presenting a functional Roof Sensor Module as a solution for autonomous mobility for the first time at IAA Mobility 2021. The concept succeeds in integrating sensor technology into the car roof in a visually attractive way.

Webasto Autonomous Driving Future - IAA Mobility Munich 2021
Webasto Autonomous Driving Future - The Roof Sensor Modul at the IAA Mobility Munich 2021

Stockdorf, Germany – September 6, 2021 – With the Roof Sensor Module, global leading supplier Webasto is helping to shape the future of autonomous driving and offering car manufacturers the opportunity to retain their individual vehicle architecture.

Camera, radar and lidar technologies lay the technological foundation for safety and reliable 360° environment detection in autonomous driving. To detect obstacles, road users and hazards in all weather conditions, a set of different sensors is integrated at several positions in the roof. The different technologies combine their individual strengths to deliver reliable results in all weather conditions.

As a mechatronic system integrator, Webasto relies on a network of long-standing as well as newly established development partners. For the sensor portfolio, Webasto works closely with market-leading suppliers such as Bosch, Hesai, Innoviz Technologies, Luminar and Robosense, which provide innovative solutions in the relatively new field of lidar technology. In addition to lidar sensor technology, Bosch is also a specialist in environment detection using camera and radar technology. In order to guarantee the functionality of the sensor technology in all weather conditions and with all kinds of dirt, various cleaning systems with water and air are integrated into the Roof Sensor Module. Here, for example, Webasto relies on the expertise of dlhBowles and Röchling. Delta Electronics intelligent thermal management also ensures optimum operating conditions, while National Instruments contributes a reliable measurement system.

With this concept, sensors, cameras and related features can be integrated into the roof systems in a visually appealing way. In this way, open and transparent roofs are also possible for autonomous driving vehicles. Sliding roof systems, solar technology, ambient lighting or switchable glazing are examples of features that can be additionally added with the individual selection of sensor technologies.