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ThermoConnect: The New App for Parking Heaters and Much More

Stockdorf/Munich – November 12, 2018 – Fast and flexible control of your fuel operated parking heater using a smartphone, tablet, or PC – Webasto's new ThermoConnect app makes it possible. It turns mobile devices into intelligent remote controls and also offers practical comfort and monitoring functions for your car. Whether you activate your parking heater from a ski lodge or your breakfast table, the heater can be reached at any time using the web-based ThermoConnect app. Simply open the app on your smartphone and tell the parking heater when your car is to be ice-free and preheated. When you arrive at your car, just get in and drive off – as conveniently as in summer.

Individually programmable
ThermoConnect’s settings can be tailored to your desires. A driver can either directly start the parking heater at any time or program it so that the car is preheated at the time of departure. Regularly recurring departure times can also be set. In addition, you can query the current temperature in your car and thus better determine the need for heating. More and more users of parking heaters prefer to operate their parking heater with the help of an app. “When Webasto launched its first parking heater app in 2011, around five percent of our customers operated their parking heater using the app,” says Bernd Joerg, Director Sales & Marketing Germany in Webasto’s Thermo & Comfort business unit. “Today, about one in four uses this way of controlling their parking heater. We assume that this trend will rise quickly and that it will be fifty percent in two to three years,” says Joerg.

How it works
To allow the app and the parking heater to communicate with each other, a ThermoConnect control unit is installed behind the dashboard. It is not visible after installation and can be retrofitted into nearly any vehicle – which is also true for the parking heater. The parking heater and the app are activated and paired conveniently using a QR code. Afterwards, the user can enter personal data at any time using the “myWebasto Connect” website. The portal is hosted by a European partner of Webasto. As opposed to ThermoCall, the SIM card is already included in the ThermoConnect control unit. You do not have to purchase extra minutes or sign a separate mobile phone contract. The SIM card works in all mobile networks, including roaming throughout Europe.

ThermoConnect can do even more
ThermoConnect is the only parking heater controller that has a GPS connection. This gives the user a convenient location service that always shows exactly where the vehicle is and how to get to it.

This is especially helpful in unknown surroundings, such as large parking areas. If several people use the vehicle and download the app to their smartphones, they can all connect to the ThermoConnect control unit in the vehicle. If required, the app then shows each of these users the way to the vehicle. For commercial vehicles, this function can even replace a fleet management tool. Using the geofencing function, ThermoConnect can also notify the user when the vehicle leaves a predetermined geographical area. Using the “Map Service” menu item, users can link the app to various text- or call-based smart-home applications so that, for example, your garage door will open when your car is approaching.

Another helpful feature: upon request, the app shows what the current voltage of the vehicle battery is. Again, warnings using push messages are possible as soon as the voltage drops below a previously defined value.

The app can be used for more than one vehicle. The ThermoConnect controller is compatible not only with the app, but also with other Webasto keypads, such as the T91 and T 100 HTM remote controls and MultiControl Car.

Priced to be a hot seller
The ThermoConnect system has a one-time price of only 389 euros for the hardware. The use of the app and the portal is free in the first year. From the second year onwards, an annual fee of 34.99 euros will be charged. The associated app is available for free for Android and iOS devices.

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