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Webasto at the Caravan Salon 2017

Space and weight-saving solutions enhance campers’ comfort and convenience

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Susanne Killian
Head of Global Internal and External Communication
Phone: +49 (89) 8 57 94-53194

Stockdorf/Munich – August 01, 2017 – “More comfort and convenience with our space and weight-saving solutions”—that is the Webasto trade fair motto at this year’s Caravan Salon (August 25 to September 3, 2017, Exhibition Grounds Düsseldorf). To this end, at its booth in hall 13, booth A70, the company presents a variety of solutions for motorhomes and caravans: the practical Aqua View Showermiser and Sinkmiser installations, the new Isotherm Freeline 115 Elegance refrigerator, the new Easi-Slide Exterior Utilities Sockets from Whale as well as Webasto Hybrid Heating Solutions. The company’s products provide strategic answers to the challenges of the market in terms of space and weight and at the same time enhance comfort and convenience on the road.

New trends characterize the market for motorhomes
Two trends currently dominate the caravan market: First, the target group is getting younger and more active and furthermore there are many campers who want to enjoy great comfort even in their senior years. Secondly, the share of compact vans is rapidly increasing. The implications are that the available installation space continues to get ever smaller. “The constantly growing desire of these users for maximum flexibility is what drives us,” says Fabian Bez, responsible for the Thermo business at Webasto. Bez adds “We are constantly adapting our product developments to that effect. Always based on the premise of making the campers’ travel as independent and as comfortable as possible at the same time.”

Webasto Hybrid Solutions: more independence than with conventional solutions
Heating with gas while on the road comes with constraints for the camper. This is primarily the case with respect to the space taken up in the tight storage space of the vehicle and it also means additional weight. To deal with this, Webasto offers an intelligent, high-performance hybrid solution that creates a new form of independence. This solution combines the diesel-powered Webasto air heater (Air Top Evo, with options of 4 kW or 5.5 kW capacity) with a gas boiler for hot water (capacity 1.35 kW). The hybrid solution is designed for underfloor installation, which creates more storage space in the interior and at the same time substantially increases the comfort level with a high-performance heating option. The weight savings as compared to conventional heating solutions amounts to over 20 kilos.

New Whale Exterior Utilities Sockets with Easi-Slide cover
The broad-based product portfolio is completed by the new Whale Easi-Slide Exterior Utilities Sockets. The sockets are suitable for water, electric and gas connections, thus providing the greatest versatility on the motorhome market. The sockets are also easy to install. Another positive effect of this novel product: The built-in slide closure prevents rattling while driving.

Webasto refrigerators: superlative insulation and intelligent energy consumption
The company is also presenting new product innovations for its refrigerators. The Isotherm Freeline 115 Elegance is an electrically efficient advancement of the tried and tested Cruise line. With 83 liters refrigerator space and a 32 liter freezer compartment, the refrigerator provides enough space for cooling food and beverages on the road. A special highlight is its 2 ECO feature: if there is sufficient power available, the refrigeration energy is stored. Thus, with its superlative insulation, the energy requirements of the refrigerator are 35 percent lower than for solutions existing on the market. Another new item is the Isotherm Built-in 16. The refrigerator, which has a 16-liter space capacity is ideal for smaller motorhomes. More benefits: its flexibly adjustable temperature control—and what’s more, the top-load fridge can be filled from the top. For on the go needs, Webasto is exhibiting the compact, portable TB 13 travel box that can be used as a fridge or freezer (13 liter load capacity). Its compact design and the baseplate guarantee easy installation and reliable cooling even in soaring midsummer temperatures.

Efficient water usage thanks to Aqua View Showermiser/Sinkmiser
Aqua View Showermiser and Sinkmiser reduce wasting water on the road. Whereas it take just a few steps to install the Sinkmiser in the kitchen unit, the Showermiser is the star in the shower. The operating principle of both these novelties is very simple: Sinkmiser and Showermiser redirect fresh cold water back into the fresh water tank until the hot water arrives at the showerhead or faucet.

The products exhibited at the Caravan Salon are available in selected countries.



Under the following link you can download the press pictures:

Picture 1: Webasto Hybrid solution Download (© Webasto Group)
Caption: Webasto air heater with a gas boiler for hot water – The Webasto Hybrid solution increase the flexibility on the road. 

Picture 2: Isotherm Freeline 115 Elegance Download (© Webasto Group)
Caption: The Isotherm Freeline 115 Elegance combines superlative insulation and intelligent energy consumption. 

Press contacts

Susanne Killian
Head of Global Internal and External Communication
Phone: +49 (89) 8 57 94-53194