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Systems Partner for Current and Future Mobility Webasto at Inter Airport Europe

Webasto will be showcasing its solutions in the fields of charging solutions, battery systems and thermal management under the “Ensuring Future Mobility” trade fair slogan at Inter Airport Europe 2021, which takes place in Munich from November 9 to 12.

Webasto at Inter Airport Europe 2021

Stockdorf – November 9, 2021 – Visitors to this year’s Inter Airport Europe can look forward to the initial product launch of the ProCore Edge at automotive supplier Webasto’s booth (Hall B6, Booth 338). This new opportunity charger facilitates the charging of traction batteries, particularly in the field of forklifts and for intralogistics applications. Here, the ProCore Edge offers maximum flexibility: Its multi chemistry design allows both lead-acid and lithium-ion traction batteries to be charged. The multi voltage technology means that batteries of different voltages can also easily be charged. A range of different forklifts can therefore be charged using the same charger – having to use different charging solutions to suit the specific battery type is now a thing of the past. Among others, the associated app enables the charger to be set up such that detailed information on the charging process can be displayed, and for the charging process to be started or stopped remotely. Following its initial presentation at Inter Airport Europe, the ProCore Edge will be launched on both the European and North American markets in 2022.

Successful electrification of airport vehicles

Visitors to Webasto’s booth will also be able to see how airport vehicles from Goldhofer, a maker of vehicles for heavy-duty and special transport applications based in Memmingen, are powered by Webasto batteries. Alongside the environmental benefits of lower CO2 and noise emissions, the electrified vehicle variants also offer an overall improved driving experience, since the need to change gear is eliminated, while simultaneously reducing maintenance requirements. Harnessing Webasto’s expertise, Goldhofer has electrified both the “BISON” E 620 tow tractor and the “SHERPA” E New Gen cargo tow tractor. Depending on the “SHERPA” E New Gen version, either one or two Webasto batteries are used, each with a capacity of 35 kWh. On November 10, from 12:30 pm to 1:00 pm, Rüdiger Dube, Head of Strategic Product Management Airport Technology at Goldhofer, and Kai Baunacher, Product Manager Service Batteries at Webasto, will give a joint presentation on how they are driving the electrification of airports around the globe and the challenges and solutions that exist when electrifying airport vehicles. 

Extensive portfolio of airport solutions

Also on display at the booth will be the CV Standard Battery System for all types of commercial vehicles, together with the Vehicle Interface Box (VIB) which provides an efficient link between the battery system and vehicle. The product portfolio is rounded off by the eBTM 2.0 Battery Thermal Management System – which continuously cools or heats the batteries to maintain optimum temperature and ensure optimum capacity – and the high-voltage heater (HVH) for all types of electric vehicle.