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Webasto Supplies Charging Stations for Scania Plug-In Hybrids

Stockdorf/Munich – April 28, 2020 – Throughout Europe, Scania is now selling its new plug-in hybrid truck together with charging stations from Webasto. Customers can choose between the simple-to-operate Webasto Pure and the intelligent Webasto Live charging stations. Moreover, Scania customers also benefit from the Webasto installation service.

To offer its customers the optimum charging infrastructure when they purchase a plug-in hybrid truck, Scania is cooperating with system partner Webasto. At the same time as purchasing the truck, customers can optionally order the Webasto Pure or Webasto Live charging stations, which offer a charging capacity of 22kW, a cable of up to seven meters in length and installation by a qualified electrician. A preliminary site analysis is also included in the hardware and service package. During the analysis the fitter first checks the existing conditions at the site where the charging station is to be installed, to assess, for example, which electrical connections already exist there.

Drivers of plug-in hybrid trucks primarily need the energy stored in the battery for moving off and driving at low speeds, for instance in stop-and-go traffic. Plug-in hybrid trucks from Scania employ regenerative braking to recover kinetic energy, which is then used to charge the battery, but the amount of energy is frequently insufficient. To ensure the vehicle's battery is fully charged before it commences service the most appropriate solution is to use a professional charging station. The battery can be fully charged within just 20 minutes using a Webasto 22 kW charging station. The vehicle can also receive additional charges, for instance when the truck is parked for loading and unloading or during breaks.

Charging from conventional socket outlets is not recommended because these are not designed for the permanent charging of electric vehicles. Such socket outlets can overheat, thereby causing a fire hazard.

Webasto charging stations are compatible with all electric vehicles that use Type 2 charging plugs and are simple and practical in operation thanks to their non-detachable cables.

Moreover, the Webasto Pure received a rating of "Very good" from the German automobile club ADAC in August 2019. The deciding factors here were, in particular, its reliability, safety and simple operation.

The intelligent Webasto Live charging station facilitates flexible networking via the mobile network and it can be controlled using the Webasto LiveApp and Webasto Charging Portal. Network interfaces such as LAN and WLAN allow multiple charging stations to be connected together, thereby facilitating dynamic load management. The charging stations furthermore offer authentication via RFID or smartphone. They also support the cutting-edge method of authentication via Plug & Charge (ISO 15118).


About Webasto

The Webasto Group is a global innovative systems partner to almost all automobile manufacturers and among the top 100 suppliers in this industry sector. The company’s product portfolio comprises a broad range of roof and heating systems for every type of vehicle and all drive types as well as battery systems and charging solutions. Moreover, Webasto has a strong position in the aftermarket providing dealers and end customers with customized solutions and services relating to thermo management and electromobility. In 2019 the company generated sales of around 3.7 billion euros and had almost 14,000 employees at more than 50 locations (with over 30 of these being manufacturing plants). The headquarters of the company, founded in 1901, is located in Stockdorf near Munich (Germany).