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Polycarbonate: Light and Moldable

Webasto has been developing polycarbonate roof systems since 2002. Three years later we received the first series production order for the smart fortwo. We have been mass-producing this polycarbonate roof since 2007. At around 1.2 square meters, it is one of the largest vehicle roofs in the world made of this material.

Polycarbonate is a real alternative to glass. Using this material, weight savings of some 50 percent, in comparison with glass, can be achieved. Polycarbonate is furthermore extremely impact-resistant and offers excellent three-dimensional moldability. A high quality coating (AS 4700 hardcoat) makes the polycarbonate roof highly resistant to scratches, weathering, and UV radiation.

Its properties also make polycarbonate an ideal material for front-end covers of electric or autonomous vehicles. Due to the transparency and 3D formability, it is possible to integrate additional light sources and sensors, among other things.

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