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ProTec®: Fracture-Resistant and Extremely Light

Webasto Glas ProTec® is a glass-plastic composite safety glazing solution. Under cleanroom conditions a highly tear-resistant PET film (polyethylene terephthalate) is applied to the inner surface of curved single-layer safety glass (ESG). Should a ProTec® panel shatter in an accident, the film holds the individual glass fragments together as an intact panel. This prevents individual glass splinters from flying around and reduces the risk of injury.

The firm anchoring of the glass panel in the roof system brings extra safety through a patented perforation of the film, which holds the glass in the roof system. This protective characteristic of Webasto Glas ProTec® allows the use of very thin (<3 millimeters) and – therefore light – glass panels. Using Webasto Glas ProTec®, weight savings of around 10 to 15 percent can be achieved in comparison with conventional laminated safety glass.

If we look into the future, further potential for Webasto Glas ProTec® becomes apparent: for instance, it will also be possible to use films which reflect infrared radiation, effectively reducing the build-up of heat in the vehicle via the glass surfaces. On sunny days this will relieve the pressure on the air-conditioning system and further reduce fuel consumption.

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