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State-Of-The-Art Testing Facilities

Webasto ensures worldwide high quality by utilizing global standards, standardized processes and production processes. Furthermore, the roof systems and components are subjected to intensive tests in state-of-the-art testing facilities. Among others, this takes place in the 2,000-square-metre validation center at the Webasto headquarters close to Munich. Alongside many others, the following testing facilities are located here:


Acoustics Center: A Dummy Head That Can Hear

One of the challenges that arises during the development of roof systems is to keep the noises generated when opening and closing the roof as low as possible. At the acoustics center these noise emissions are investigated using a dummy head. This is used to simulate how vehicle occupants perceive noise. Where necessary, the measurements are then used to develop measures for optimizing the noise behavior.


Rain and Spray Testing Chamber: Rain at the Press of a Button

From light drizzle through to tropical monsoon rain – in the rain and spray testing chamber roof systems by Webasto must prove that they can protect vehicle occupants from getting wet, even under the most torrential rain conditions. In addition to subsystems, complete vehicles are also tested – including under sloping conditions. One special feature utilizes asynchronously controllable lift tables to even allow a car parking simulation to be carried out in which one wheel is raised on a curbstone.


Climate Chamber Center: Antarctic to Sahara

Roof Systems by Webasto must be able to withstand extreme environmental conditions – not just the changing seasons, but also various climatic events. These tests are particularly important because environmental conditions primarily affect plastic components and bonded joints. At the Webasto validation center eleven climate testing chambers of varying sizes are available in which the most diverse climatic conditions can be simulated.


Shaker Center: Roof Systems on a "Long Voyage"

At the shaker center the roof systems are tested on road surfaces with widely varying characteristics – from smooth asphalt to bumpy dirt roads. The vibration test benches simulate a broad spectrum of/all road conditions. The strength and robustness of the roof systems are put to the test here. One of the testing facilities is also fitted with a climate testing chamber which allows the temperature and humidity to be varied during the vibration tests.