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Corporate Governance & Compliance

As a company with global operations and a history spanning more than one hundred and twenty years, Webasto SE and its affiliates ("Webasto") enjoys an excellent reputation worldwide and is one of the 100 leading suppliers to the automotive industry. We attribute the economic success of our company to our ongoing commitment to respecting the laws, regulations and societal values in the many countries around the world in which we operate.

Corporate social responsibility to our employees, business partners and society in general, is an integral part of our principles. Following national and international laws, regulations as well as complying with ethical values and standards and internal policies and rules (“Compliance”) is an essential part of this responsibility. It is the only way we want to do business.

Dr. Holger Engelmann, CEO of Webasto SE

Dr. Holger Engelmann

“Integrity, legal compliance and respect for ethical values are key principles in our interactions with employees and business partners.”

Dr. Holger Engelmann - CEO Webasto SE


Our corporate governance systems, including the Compliance Management System (“CMS”) support our efforts to ensure Compliance at Webasto. Our global Webasto Code of Conduct (“Webasto Code of Conduct”) is a key part of the CMS and serves as a guide for our conduct in our everyday business life. The Webasto Code of Conduct is complemented by a specific Code of Conduct with respect to our suppliers (“Webasto Supplier Code of Conduct”).

Compliance at Webasto can only work, if we all do our part to uphold these external and internal rules. Any violations of laws, internal regulations or other malpractice or abuses must be identified early and decisively counteracted. We have therefore implemented a whistleblowing system (“Webasto Whistleblowing System”), employees, business partners and other third parties you and external partners to confidentially and anonymously submit indications concerning actual or potential non-compliant incidents as well as other forms of malpractice at Webasto. This tool helps us to identify and eliminate any malpractice at an early stage, avoiding or reducing harm to Webasto, its employees and business partners. Please find the direct link to the Webasto Whistleblowing System below.

Compliance matters for Webasto. It is imperative in order to fulfill our legal and social obligations and moreover essential for ongoing success in business . We invite you to support us to continually improveCompliance at Webasto.

Thank you for helping us to do the right thing.

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