Facts & figures

Facts & figures

The Webasto Group has registered continuous growth for many years and the company has a high equity ratio. Here you will find key figures from the last five fiscal years.


The Webasto Group has registered stable sales growth for many years. During financial year 2016 the 3-billion-euro level was exceeded for the first time.

Share of sales according to business units

With 74 percent the largest share of sales was generated by the Webasto business unit Sunroofs & Components in 2016. The Convertibles business unit contributed 10 percent of total sales. 16 percent of total sales was achieved by the Thermo & Comfort business unit.

Regional sales shares

Webasto is well positioned worldwide and its products and technologies are successful in all of the key automotive markets. The region with the highest sales in 2016 was Europe and the largest single market was China.

R&D expenditure

Webasto is continuously expanding its innovation leadership by constantly investing large sums in research and development.


The investments made by Webasto are closely aligned with the proximity to customers and, therefore, on the expansion of the company's global presence. The focus of investment over recent years was on buildings and plants in Europe and Asia.

Employee development