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Sustainably mobile into a good future - Together with the Webasto company, the Webasto Foundation supports sustainability in the dimensions: Social, Health & Education, and Environment & Innovation.

Webasto Foundation - Feel the Drive. We Drive the Future.​

Feel the Drive. We Drive the Future.​

The Webasto Foundation wants to move people - physically and figuratively - improve conditions, mobilize for the future and bring things forward.

Against this background, it supports social projects in the vicinity of Webasto sites, promotes sustainable mobility concepts for a better future, and provides impetus for the social commitment of Webasto employees.​

We Drive the Future – Sustainably Mobile into a Good Future!

"Our Inspiration Drives the World of Mobility" is the vision of Webasto. Against this backdrop, the Webasto Foundation on the one hand focuses its international social commitment on the topic Webasto stands for like no other: Mobility. On the other hand, the Webasto Foundation embodies values that the company has also stood for since its founding: responsibility & solidity on the one hand, future & further progress on the other. ​According to its leitmotif "We Drive the Future – Sustainably Mobile into a Good Future!" the Webasto Foundation is committed to these four aspects.

Mobility for all. TODAY.

The Webasto Foundation funds social projects that link mobility with the prospect of a more protected, better and healthier life for socially vulnerable people.

Mobility for all. TOMORROW.

The Foundation supports research & development projects in the field of environment & ecology that contribute to a more livable future with their sustainable mobility concepts.​

Mobilize strengths.

The Webasto Foundation offers support to organizations around the world that are providing mobile assistance on the spot to people in need.

Move people.

Webasto Group employees worldwide have a say in deciding where the Webasto Foundation helps, suggest charitable projects or get involved themselves.​

This is the Webasto Foundation​

The Webasto Foundation is a non-profit limited liability company. Jointly supported by the owner families of the company and Webasto SE, the Webasto Foundation is – beyond the company´s boundaries –   committed to charitable and non-profit projects, associations and institutions in the vicinity of the Webasto locations worldwide.​

Webasto Foundation - Doing good together

Doing good together ...​

... and lend a helping hand wherever help is needed. Webasto has been family-owned since it was founded in 1901. This shapes the culture of the company. Not only within Webasto is special emphasis placed on good and fair cooperation; Webasto also strives to take responsibility in society above and beyond this.​

The Webasto Foundation promotes the social, societal and ecological commitment of the Webasto Group and its employees. In the family-owned company, participation is an important subject. This also applies to the Webasto Foundation. Colleagues worldwide have a say in deciding where the Webasto Foundation helps and can nominate projects themselves.

Mobility for all. TODAY.​

Creating added value for mobility means more to Webasto than just getting from A to B.​ Against this background, the Webasto Foundation supports projects that make people mobile, protect them and give them the opportunity for a better, healthier life.​

  • Project "School"
  • Project "Right to Mobility"
  • Project "Kältebus"
Webasto Foundation - Project School on Wheels

School on Wheels - USA

School on Wheels in Southern California/USA is dedicated to providing children who live in shelters, motels, vehicles, group homes or on the streets with access to education and a chance for a better future. The organization reaches children and young people from kindergarten through twelfth grade in six Southern California counties covering 2,500 square miles. In 2022, the Webasto Foundation will support an entire school year with its donation and also corporate volunteering activities are possible for Webasto employees.

© Picture - School on Wheels
Webasto Foundation - Project Women´s Right to Mobility

Women´s Right to Mobility - Mexiko

In Mexico, the Webasto Foundation is cooperating with its international partner, the YOU Stiftung, which focuses, among other things, on “Women Empowerment". In León in central Mexico, around 50 women are joining together: they are being provided with bicycles and special women's bicycle paths are being created to provide women with long-term, safe mobility. This mobility offensive is complemented by training and prevention measures to protect against violence and exploitation.​

Webasto Foundation - Project „Kältebus“ of Malteser Hilfsdienst - Germany

„Kältebus“-Project of Malteser Hilfsdienst - Germany

With a financial contribution, the Webasto Foundation supports the work of the Malteser volunteers who drive to central places in many German cities with their "Kältebussen" (cold buses) and take care of homeless and poor people, providing them with warm meals as well as clothing and hygiene articles. In this way, and with a warm conversation or two, they give the homeless and poor back a bit of security.

© Picture - Charlotte Jarosch von Schweder / Malteser

Mobility for all. TOMORROW.

Webasto is increasingly applying its innovative strength in the area of electromobility.​ Against this backdrop, the Webasto Foundation cooperates, for instance, with universities and polytechnics that are involved in the development and implementation of sustainable mobility concepts and contribute to making mobility in urban areas more sustainable for the future.​

  • Project "UNIST"
Webasto Foundation - Project Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST) in South Korea

Cooperation UNIST - South Korea

As part of a multi-year cooperation with the Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST) in South Korea, the Webasto Foundation is supporting the university's research and development fund by sponsoring the implementation of selected theses in the field of forward-looking and sustainable mobility concepts. UNIST is one of Korea's best universities for science and technology and is also highly regarded internationally.

© Picture - UNIST

Mobilize strengths.

The health and safety of people are Webasto's top priority. ​This is the context in which the Webasto Foundation supports organizations around the world that provide mobile assistance on the spot to people in need.​

  • Project "Mobile Health"
  • Project "Help Ukraine"
Webasto Foundation - Mobile Health Care in India

Mobile Health Care - India

In India, the Webasto Foundation also cooperates with the YOU Stiftung, with the focus on "preventive health care and medical care".  In Pune, a van with 14 seats is being purchased. This will enable up to 100,000 people in the slums to be contacted and informed about basic health care and healthy nutrition. It will also give them access to health services, food supply services, etc.

Webasto Foundation - Help for people in Ukraine

Help for people in Ukraine

Health and safety – in the crisis areas of Ukraine threatened from one day to the next. Thanks to the great willingness of Webasto employees and the shareholders of the Webasto Foundation to donate, rapid assistance was provided immediately after the war began: In Liberec in the Czech Republic - with the support of the Czech non-profit organization ADRA - an aid center has been set up for children of Ukrainian refugee families. Here they receive professional educational and psychological help from qualified specialists. Further donations will be used to finance food and needed items and their transport to the Polish-Ukrainian border. More about this project can be found here.

Move people.

Developing new ideas together and driving progress - that's what characterizes Webasto.​ Employees from all over the world can nominate charitable organizations near their locations for the Webasto Foundation Voting and help decide how the funding amount available is distributed.

  • Project "Generation England"
  • Project "U.G.I."
  • Project "Socialrun"
  • Project "Cuddles"
  • Project "Asociatia Dalia"
  • Project "Saniclowns"
Webasto Foundation supports Generation England in United Kingdom

Generation England - UK

The Webasto Foundation supports Generation England in Birmingham to provide quality education, training and development programs for disadvantaged children and young people, helping them to lead better lives. The initiative, which was proposed by colleagues in Sutton Coldfield, works closely with schools, youth clubs and community centers. In addition, Generation England has launched the Positive Young Minds program, which helps children and young people suffering from anxiety and loss of social and personal skills as a result of the Covid 19 pandemic to regain emotional balance and improve motivation.

Webasto Foundation supports U.G.I. Unione Genitori Italiani

U.G.I. Unione Genitori Italiani – Italy

U.G.I. - a proposal of the Venaria site - is a non-profit organization in Turin that helps children and adolescents in their physical rehabilitation and psychosocial reintegration after a serious cancer. In addition to providing financial support to affected families, U.G.I. contributes to scientific research and offers training and scholarships to medical personnel. It also supports the local children's hospital with medical equipment and promotes understanding and awareness of cancer among children through seminars in schools and other public institutions. The Webasto Foundation donation specifically supports the UGIDUE program for physical rehabilitation and psychosocial reintegration of children and young people during and after therapy.

Webasto Foundation supports the socialrun in the netherlands

Socialrun – Netherlands

Colleagues in Kampen have recommended the organization Socialrun (KS Utrecht), which promotes inclusion and integration of people with impairments. It organizes events throughout the year that focus on movement and contribute to openness in dealing with mental illness, social acceptance and promoting integration, and also supports many funding projects in this area. In its great commitment, the initiative impressively combines the good cause with the topic of mobility, for which the Webasto Foundation also stands, and we are very pleased to be able to make a contribution to this.

Webasto Foundation - Project Cuddles Foundation in India

Cuddles Foundation - India

The Webasto Foundation supports the Cuddles Foundation in giving children the chance to survive cancer according to its mission statement “FoodHeals”. In India, up to 40% of children with cancer are severely malnourished at diagnosis. The Cuddles Foundation is active across India and was recommended by Webasto employees from Pune / India.

© Picture - Photo courtesy, Cuddles Foundation, India
Webasto Foundation - Project Dalia Association in Romania

Asociatia Dalia - Romania

Webasto employees in Arad drew attention to the Dalia Association. The Webasto Foundation supports Dalia in helping children of low-income families with severe medical problems in the area of Arad and Timis. ​​​​​Through the financial aid they provide, the children benefit from surgeries, treatments and recovery therapies. Furthermore, the Dalia Association supports deprived children to continue their schooling and stay in their families by supplying them with schooling equipment, food, appliances, furniture and clothing.​

© Picture - Asociatia Dalia
Webasto Foundation - Saniclowns in Spain

Saniclowns - Spain

Saniclown is bringing a smile to hospitals and helping the little ones to forget about their disease for a while. Colleagues in Madrid recommended this program, and the Webasto Foundation is happy to support the national association of clinic clowns, who provoke positive changes in the mood and attitude of the hospitalized children, their families and the doctors / nursing staff. Furthermore, they offer a school program to sensitize schoolchildren in their understanding for diseased children and the importance of a positive attitude in case of illness.

© Picture - Saniclown

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Do you have any questions or would you like to learn more about the Webasto Foundation and our work? Then please feel free to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

Webasto Foundation - Feel the Drive. We Drive the Future.​

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