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A Dual Strategy

Our key for long-term success: The automotive industry is gaining momentum in a new age and we are actively involved in shaping the future of mobility. In this process we pursue a dual strategy of "strengthening" and "participating".

For us this means, on the one hand, rigorously strengthening our existing core fields of business. On the other hand we are opening up new fields of business that match our competency profile. Here our focus is on products and solutions for electromobility.

What makes us special

Webasto has an individual competency profile from which automobile manufacturers worldwide benefit.

As a global innovative systems partner we work closely with almost all OEMs worldwide. We are aware of the requirements of the automotive industry and understand what drives our customers.

Webasto possesses a high degree of development expertise and extensive know-how in the field of electronics. We have mastered global manufacturing and supply chain management in the automotive industry and are highly experienced in global project management.

Webasto is not only active in the OEM business, but also offers a wide range of products for end customers. We therefore maintain global access to the automotive aftermarket through our distribution and service structure.

On the basis of these specific capabilities and experiences we are consistently developing our range of products and services. We are currently concentrating on the electromobility market.

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