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Strategy for long-term business success

For decades, Webasto has been an established player in the market with roof and heating systems. Following the decision to expand its range to include solutions for electromobility, the company has also successfully positioned itself in this new business field with its core competences in a very short time.

The goal of Webasto is to make a significant contribution to a climate-friendlier and more enjoyable mobility with intelligent products and complementary services. To this end, the technology company is strategically focusing on two main pillars: Roof (roof systems) and Electrification (electrification of vehicles with batteries and thermo management solutions).

Webasto customers benefit from

  • a global network with local presence,
  • the highest quality and reliability in product and execution,
  • the delivery of innovative technologies and solutions in complex projects and supply chains, and
  • a deep understanding of car architectures and customer requirements beyond the component level.
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