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WeBuy@Webasto – Webasto Supplier Portal

Jan-Kristof Hohenstein - EVP Purchasing & Supplier Quality

Jan-Kristof Hohenstein - EVP Purchasing & Supplier Quality

“Dear Partner, Webasto is heading for a digital future. So, we have decided to streamline our procurement processes by partnering with SAP Ariba®. We believe this transformation will strengthen our relationships and enables more robust collaboration and partnering.

We look forward to embarking on this journey with you! Thank you for taking part in one of our largest transformation projects and strengthening our partnership.”

Login to Supplier Portal

Please follow this link to login to the Webasto Supplier Portal ‘WeBuy’.


More About WeBuy@Webasto

Benefits for Suppliers

As a supplier in the Ariba Network, you are part of the world's largest B2B marketplace. Find out more about the benefits your company will gain from joining Webasto on the route to digitalization!

Costs for Suppliers

The usage of SAP Ariba does not imply any further costs for any of our suppliers with a Standard Ariba Network Account. If you need more information: SAP – Ariba Network Standard Account for Suppliers.

Registration & Login

You want to register as a new supplier or login to you existing account? Further information on the Login and Registration Process for suppliers regarding or the Ariba Network can be found here.

Questions & Answers

In order to find an answer to your question as quickly as possible, you will find an overview of frequently asked questions and the corresponding answers here. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Benefits for Suppliers

Processing transactions via the SAP Ariba Network is of great benefit not only to Webasto, but also to you as our supplier.

WeBuy@Webasto - Benefits in Detail

Benefits for Suppliers Overview

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Free of charge access to the World’s largest B2B Trading Network
  • Highly efficient, automated and secure digital document processing
  • Automated and digital process for purchase orders, sending invoices and receiving payments
  • Self maintaining your data in the portal
  • Easily respond to RFIs and RFQs, as well as submitting bids and negotiating contracts
  • Real-time access to data
  • End-to-end transparency
  • One centralized platform to orchestrate all your SAP Ariba Clients

Costs for Suppliers

There will be no further costs to you as a Webasto supplier when using SAP Ariba. However, you can choose whether to create a standard or enterprise account.

WeBuy@Webasto - Costs in Detail

Account Details

  • The Standard Account is a free account on the Ariba® Network that allows users to process orders with their business partners via interactive e-mail. This means that suppliers can access the Ariba® Network through this interactive e-mail, allowing you to send order confirmations directly and easily. Therefore a standard account is recommended for suppliers who have a total of less than 75 documents from all business relationships per year. An Enterprise Account is recommended for suppliers who have a total number of more than 75 documents.
  • If you would like to upgrade your Standard account to an Enterprise account, you can do this by clicking “Upgrade” in your account and discussing/following up with Ariba®.
  • To learn more about the account recommendations, please find attached the corresponding link.

Registration & Login

To simplify your WeBuy onboarding, we have developed four use case specific Click Guides. Please select the one fitting best to you. The main difference is between existing and new supplier. For existing suppliers, it’s only about a confirmation of your data. New suppliers must provide all data.​

Webasto Individualized Battery Solutions

Existing Webasto Supplier

Supplier Registration as existing Webasto Supplier

New Webasto Supplier

Supplier Registration as new Webasto Supplier

Supplier Self Registration

Self Registration

Questions & Answers (Q&A)

All Frequently Asked Questions regarding the following topics will be addressed and answered. Please read them thoroughly and if there should be any further topics of interest, please don‘t hesitate to contact our Support contacts who are well qualified to help you with any further inquiry.

  • If you are already registerd with the SAP Ariba Network, the existing account can be utilized.

    With the specific hyperlink in the registration e-Mail and your login, your account will be automatically assigned.

  • Yes, it is possible to assign multiple user profiles based on your company internal roles.

    The creation of multiple user profiles is reasonable for segregation of duty, e.g. only accountants can change company details or bank details.

  • For the time being, there is an independent supplier management for the OE business and the after market business.

    All OE business units are working on the same supplier portal WeBuy.

  • No. During the registration process of existing suppliers, the master data questionnaires can just be confirmed. Once the initial registration is completed, master data can be changed.

  • In case the registration link expired, please reach out to your assigned supplier owner or

Information & Download Center

In our download center you will find a collection of all documents relevant for you as well as various links for additional information.​

Support Contacts

In case of technical, operational or otherwise related questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our support.

SAP Ariba Help Portal

Ariba Help Center

Technical and operational questions

Webasto Help Center

Webasto Supplier Support

Mo – Fr: 09:00 – 18:00 CET


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