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Committed to Sustainability

“Responsibility with a Long-term View” is one of our five corporate values and it has shaped our activities as a family business since its foundation in 1901. Today, we see our value “Responsibility with a Long-term View” as a guiding principle for meeting the demands of economic, ecological and social responsibility with holistic solutions. Our customers expect this as much as we do.

Webastp - Shaping the climate-neutral mobility of the future

Shaping the climate-neutral mobility of the future

In line with our vision “Our Inspiration Drives the World of Mobility”, we are shaping the climate-neutral mobility of the future with our innovative drive, expertise and global network. For us, environmentally and socially responsible management is explicitly not based on short-term profit maximization, but on long-term strategies and value generation.

You will find our entire understanding of sustainability in our Sustainability Report.

Sustainability: Our fields of action

Customer & Products

We are committed to sustainable mobility: Our products help to master key challenges facing the automotive industry.

Purchasing & Supply Chain

We are committed to responsibility: We rely on sustainable, trustful relation-ships and seek to partner only with suppliers sharing our core values.

Climate & Environment

We are committed to impact: Our customers´ requirements count as well as our willingness to transition towards more sustainability and a circular economy.

Employees & Workplace

We are committed to passion: Our multicultural, global workforce is united by our values, which include collaboration, openness, mutual respect.

Society & Engagement

We are committed to social engagement: It is our corporate culture to not only do we value good and fair relationships within the company, but beyond it as well. We assume social responsibility as a way to give back to society and support communities where a helping hand is needed.

Customer & Products

With our passion for technology and innovation, we are expanding our range of products in the area of electromobility. We are a key partner for manufacturers as they transition to sustainable mobility, while our comprehensive solutions for end consumers make home charging easier and more attractive.

Webasto Sustainability field of action - Customer & Products

Committed to sustainable mobility

Webasto wants to make a relevant contribution by creating added value for the climate-neutral mobility of the future.

We work closely with almost all automotive manufacturers worldwide and have a thorough knowledge of the standards, requirements, markets, and trends of the industry. The automotive industry is currently undergoing a major transition due to emerging ambitious international, European, and national climate targets that are accelerating the shift towards electric motors and zero-emission mobility. As the industry transitions, we are developing our product portfolio accordingly and channeling our R&D expenditure into high-tech, sustainable innovations.

Recent mergers and acquisitions have strengthened our position as systems partner for the global automotive industry. Constantly product quality and customer satisfaction are core priorities that we pursue through consistent quality management and monitoring. Our high level of customer satisfaction was affirmed in various reader surveys, and we have received recognition for our products from numerous automotive manufacturers. We intensify our focus on sustainability and follow our ambitious goals. This is what we have achieved recently.

  • Solar Technology
  • Climate Mobility
  • Leightweight Solutions
Webasto Group - Our currently achieved goals - Solar Technology

Solar roof technology for electric and hybrid vehicles

In 2021 we launched solar roof systems for two electric vehicle series of a Korean manufacturer. The solar cells have an efficiency of 23 percent in converting solar energy into electric power.

We produce solar roofs with a power output from 180 up to 300 Watt Peak.

Webasto Group - Our currently achieved goals - Climate Mobility

High-performance products for climate-friendly mobility

Automobile manufacturers and their suppliers are actively shaping the transformation by developing more efficient and needs-driven technologies. As innovation and technology leader, Webasto offers a broad portfolio of advanced solutions, for example the high-voltage heater for electric and hybrid vehicles, individualized and standardized battery solutions or an intelligent charging and load management for fleet operators.

Webasto Group - Our currently achieved goals - Leightweight Solutions

Lightweight solutions for material and energy efficiency

Lightweight construction is one of the dominant topics in the automotive industry to save fuel and reduce CO2 emissions.

As the world market leader for roof systems, Webasto has developed innovative lightweight construction technologies.

Webasto Group - current goals for Customer and Products

These are our current goals

  • We will integrate ESG criteria in our product evolution process (PEP)

  • We will set CO2 emission targets for our main products by 2023

  • We will develop recyclability criteria with suppliers and customers

Purchasing & Supply Chain

We strive to build a sustainable and ethical global supply chain and establish clear social and environmental responsibility requirements for suppliers. Defined processes for purchasing ensure suppliers are certified to meet environmental protection standards.

Webasto Sustainability field of action - Purchasing and Supply Chain

Committed to responsibility

Webasto wants to add value for the climate-neutral mobility of tomorrow. In this context, responsibility in the supply chain is gaining momentum. Within our mission to achieve cost efficiency, reliable quality, and timely delivery in Purchasing we aim to protect fair supply chains and human rights along our supply chain.

Our general purchasing conditions for suppliers stipulate that they must act on the precautionary principle with regard to environmental protection, take initiatives to promote greater environmental responsibility, and encourage the development and dissemination of environmentally friendly technologies.

We source up to 200 types of pre-products from approximately 1,700 suppliers for the manufacturing of our products. A large share of pre-products is sourced locally and delivered by truck to our plants; the remaining parts are shipped by sea or air freight. Webasto Purchasing has a strong regional and business unit focus on sourcing which helps the organization react quicker to changing requirements. We intensify our focus on sustainability and follow our ambitious goals. This is what we have achieved recently.

  • Ensuring Standards
  • Supplier CoC
  • Whistleblower System
Webasto Group - Our currently achieved goals - Ensuring Standards

Ensuring standards in our supply chain

… implementing processes of continuously reviewing our supply chain with regards to the sourcing of conflict minerals. Nearly 380 suppliers screened for use of conflict minerals.

Webasto Group - Our currently achieved goals - Supplier Code of Conduct

New Supplier Code of Conduct

… establishing minimum standards to which Webasto expects each of its suppliers to commit, covering human rights principles, labor rights, non-discrimination and diversity, environmental principles and business relationship principles.

Webasto Group - Our currently achieved goals - Whistleblower System

Whistleblower System

… enabling internally and externally to provide confidential and anonymous tips in order to identify violations of laws, internal regulations or other misconduct at an early stage and to be able to combat them decisively.

Webasto Group - current goals for Purchasing and Supply Chain

These are our current goals

  • We are implementing the German Supply Chain Sourcing Obligations Act (LkSG) by 2023

  • We are adapting our supplier management process to integrate the new requirements

  • We ensure that ESG risks are effectively managed by 2022

Climate & Environment

We aim to ensure sustainable business operations and align our actions to preserve natural resources and reduce our carbon footprint. We design our production processes and products to be as resource-saving and environmentally compatible as possible.

Webasto Sustainability field of action - Climate and Environment

Committed to impact

The manufacturing of our products is undeniably resource and energy intensive. As such, the Operations Department of Webasto has a substantial environmental footprint. We are aware of this and are ready to take responsibility. In order to strike a balance between production and environmental protection, we have set targets for the near future. These targets take the requirements of our customers into account, but also our willingness to transition towards more sustainability and a circular economy. Each plant is in charge of defining action plans for meeting the sustainability targets for CO2, energy, water, and waste. In the future, these measures will be centrally recorded, evaluated, and then converted into standards.

Our Webasto locations (with corporate functions and production) are annually reviewed by auditor teams of our certification bodies. Please find the available certificates here. We intensify our focus on sustainability and follow our ambitious goals. This is what we have achieved recently.

  • Photovoltaic System
  • Road to Rail
  • Climate & Environment
Webasto Group - Our currently achieved goals - Photovoltaic System

Carbon neutral battery production in Schierling

A Photovoltaic system ensures climate-neutral battery production in Schierling and serves as a blueprint for our other buildings around the world.

Webasto Group - Our currently achieved goals - Road to Rail

From road to rail

Pilot project shows CO2 reduction potential of 75 percent in Neubrandenburg logistics: The test of the environmentally friendly, cost-neutral and at the same time reliable logistics service by rail enters the next round in 2022.

Webasto Group - Our currently achieved goals - Climate and Environment

100% renewable energy sources at all German sites

In 2021, we switched to entirely renewable power at all our German sites. A number of sites outside Germany are also supplied with self-produced or purchased renewable energies. For further sites, the options for a supply from renewable energies are being reviewed and, where possible, converted step by step.

Webasto Group - current goals for Climate and Environment

These are our current goals

  • Carbon reduction scope 1 & 2: -50 percent by 2030 *

  • Net Zero emissions in scope 1 & 2 by 2045 *

  • Carbon reduction scope 3 upstream: -25 percent by 2030 *

*All carbon reduction targets are in line with the SBTi framework and refer to the base year 2021. They were announced in October 2022 as part of the Webasto climate strategy.

Webasto continues to work diligently to improve its climate impact and find ways to drive its strategy and actions throughout the organization.

Employees & Workplace

We believe our success starts with our people and we are committed to help our employees reach their greatest potential. At Webasto, we ensure a diverse and inclusive workplace, foster employee growth and development, and endorse a positive work-life balance.

Webasto Sustainability field of action - Employees and Workplace

Committed to passion

From Europe, Asia, Australia to America: Webasto is wherever our customers need us. Our multicultural workforce of over 15,000 employees works in more than 50 locations in over 20 countries worldwide and is united by our values that emphasize collaboration, openness and mutual respect. As Webasto continues to grow, it is important to us that we maintain our open and welcoming atmosphere. We take the well-being of our employees seriously and are committed to fair and attractive working conditions. We focus on long-term opportunities for our employees, taking into account their individual talents and strengths, and encouraging anyone who wants to take on new challenges or more responsibility. By managing leadership, grading and performance management processes, we promote sustainable people management and live the Webasto values as ONE organization.

At Webasto, we believe that a diverse workforce is key to developing innovative products for our global markets and understanding our customers. We are therefore committed to creating equal opportunities for all and fostering an environment in which our employees can grow. We intensify our focus on sustainability and follow our ambitious goals. This is what we have achieved recently.

  • Vision Diversity
  • Employee
  • Top Employer
  • Webasto Academy
Webasto Group - Our currently achieved goals - Vision Diversity

Our vision of diversity

Different cultural backgrounds, ways of thinking and experiences increase our innovative power and improve our understanding of our customers. 

Based on the Webasto Diversity Charter we commit to further strengthen diversity in four core areas: Gender, age, culture, and professional background.

Webasto Group - Our currently achieved goals - Employees

Global Employee Engagement Rate 75 of 100

Webasto conducts an annual global employee survey to measure employee engagement and identify starting points for organizational development. 

The 2021 engagement index of 75 out of 100 points was measured on job satisfaction and employees’ willingness to recommend the company to others.

Webasto Group - Our currently achieved goals - Top Employer

Top Employer Certifications in Germany, China an Romania

Webasto achieved outstanding results in the areas of Organization & Change, Employer Branding, Learning, and Corporate Values.

Webasto Group - Our currently achieved goals - Webasto Academy

Internal Webasto Academy

Webasto employees have access to the global learning management system “My HR” that was implemented in 2019. A network of internal and external trainers as well as technical experts provide learning content in quality, safety, project management, IT, logistics, finance and legal. 

Webasto Group - current goals for Employees and Workplace

These are our current goals

  • We will double the number of female managers in Germany by 2028

  • 1st Female Executive Board Member started in 2022

  • We will increase the training hours up to 10 hours per employee until 2025

Society & Engagement

Since its foundation in 1901, Webasto has always believed that business activities should be socially responsible, and that society should benefit from successful business. In contributing to climate-friendly mobility, Webasto combines both aspects. The establishment of the Webasto Foundation in 2019 is further proof of our commitment to social responsibility.

Webasto Sustainability field of action - Society and Engagement

Committed to social engagement

Webasto invests in sustainable and climate-friendly mobility, thereby securing jobs and creating new opportunities. The company also lives up to its social responsibility when investing in infrastructure. ‘We Drive the Future – Sustainably Mobile into a Good Future!’ The Webasto Foundation's new leitmotif relates its social engagement to the topic of Mobility and furthermore covers one of the dimensions: Social, Health & Education, or Environment & Innovation. Following this narrative, the projects supported by the Webasto Foundation are closely linked to the Webasto vision ‘Our Inspiration Drives the World of Mobility’ and at the same time embody the ambition of the owner families and the company to work for a sustainable and better future.

Information & Download Center

In our Information & Download Center you will find detailed information and personal statements by Webasto management on the topic of sustainability in our Sustainability Report. Furthermore, you will find links to related topics and additional information.

Sustainability Report

Our first sustainability report, "Committed to Sustainability," has been available since May 2022. Our sustainability program describes what we do in terms of sustainability and what we aim to achieve. The report relates to the Webasto Group and was prepared in accordance with the GRI standards.

Quality Policy

„Committed to Sustainability“ is the driver for quality throughout the Webasto Group. Our Quality Policy.

Information Security Policy

„Committed to Sustainability“ is the driver for information security throughout the Webasto Group. Our Information Security Policy.

Environmental Policy

"Committed to Sustainability" is a motivation for the environmental responsibility of the entire Webasto Group. Our Environmental Policy.

Occupational Health and Safety Policy

“Committed to Sustainability“ is a driver for occupational health and safety throughout the Webasto Group. Our Occupational Health and Safety Policy.

Corporate Governance / Compliance / Code Of Conduct

The corporate governance systems, including the Compliance Management System ("CMS"), support our efforts to ensure compliance. The Webasto Code of Conduct forms the core element of our CMS and provides binding guidelines for employees in all areas and activities.

Webasto Foundation

Under the motto "We Drive the Future - Sustainably mobile into a good future!", mobility is the focus of our international social commitment. Please read about our current projects here.

Facts & Figures

Webasto in figures: Here you will find the latest key data of the Webasto Group.


Our Webasto sites (with corporate functions and production) are audited annually by teams of auditors from our certification bodies. Click here for our current certificates.


Our high level of customer satisfaction is regularly confirmed in reader surveys and we receive recognition for our products and services from numerous automotive manufacturers.

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