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Natural and Sensible.

In terms of development and production, Webasto acts in a resource-saving manner.

Webasto is certified according to ISO 14001. This involves comprehensive measures necessary to ensure responsible use of energy and resources. We are convinced that making the most from the various possibilities available to ensure sustainable business operations will allow us to preserve a sound environment worth living in and align our actions accordingly.

Resource-saving combined heat and power plant in Stockdorf

At the company’s headquarters, a natural-gas-fired combined heat and power plant produces electricity and heat. If possible, Webasto will also introduce this solution at other locations.

CO2-neutral thermo-headquarters in Gilching

On the roof of our thermo-headquarters in Gilching, a photovoltaic system has an electrical output of 46 kW. It is one of the largest of its kind in Europe. The building is heated by a wood chip plant on a CO2-neutral basis. In the summer, the facilities and offices are cooled by water extracted from a deep well.

Waste heat utilization in Neubrandenburg

In the world’s largest plant for parking heaters, auxiliary heaters and electrical high-voltage heaters in Neubrandenburg, Webasto uses the heat generated during product tests to heat the production halls. Amount of energy saved: about 35 percent. Enough energy to heat 23 single-family houses for one year.

Optimized logistics concept

At Webasto, environmental protection does not stop at the plant’s doors: the optimized logistics concept includes e.g. the prevention of empty runs for trucks, the recycling of transport containers and the reduction of waste by using optimized packaging units.

Energy and environmental policy: Part of our sustainability policy

Webasto’s environmental and energy policy is strictly based on our values. Details have been integrated into our sustainability policy – find out more by following this link.

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