Heat and comfort for hybrid and electric vehicles


Plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles will account for a large part of mobility. The challenge: There is not enough energy in the form of motor waste heat available for the heater.


alternative Vehicle Concept

Play it safe. Heating in a vehicle means not just comfort, but above all safety. This is because the faster you drive, the more the vehicle cools down. Put into figures, this means that increasing your speed by 10 km/h (6,2 mph) will simultaneously lower the temperature by 1 degree Celsius (33.8 °F). Therefore, there is a risk that the windscreen may suddenly ice up during a trip in an unheated car. This increases the risk of an accident and reduces road safety. In addition, drivers who sit in a pleasantly warm car are much safer and more concentrated. Heating systems from Webasto therefore make an important contribution to safety in vehicles.

Experience and innovative spirit: As the market leader in fuel-powered auxiliary and parking heaters for automobiles, electricity-powered mobility is a key pillar in our growth strategy. In order to tap into this new market, Webasto developed a highly efficient electrically powered heating system for hybrid and electric vehicles which heats the interior while driving and provides safety. Alternatively, a bioethanol heater can be applied for the continuous heating of electric vehicles. Its advantage: It does not strain the battery and by this means preserves the range of the electronic vehicle.