"Electronic Intelligence" Made by Webasto


We turn ideas into series production: From advance development to actual series production of complex electronic systems – “electronics intelligence”, made by Webasto.

In the globally positioned Mechatronics Competence Center, MCC for short, Webasto pools its own software, hardware and mechatronics expertise in-house.

This expertise plays a pivotal role in modern-day vehicles, which are equipped with increasingly sophisticated technology. Up to 100 electronic control units, ECUs for short, communicate with one another and control thousands of functions that are generally not discernible to drivers.

The same applies for our roof systems, convertible roofs, heating systems, battery systems and charging solutions – ECUs are the indispensable helpers operating in the background. They provide for comfort and safety in motor vehicles. That is why having our own global electronics development and production is such a crucial strategic component for the Webasto Group. Because more than ever, having electronics knowhow means having the advantage of strategic knowhow.


Core Competencies of the Webasto Mechatronics Competence Center

Hardware development

  • Concept development (circuit diagrams, layout generation, simulation)
  • Prototype constructions (printed circuit boards, software integration)
  • Mechanical development (integration of electronics / systems competence)
  • Control units (stationary, mobile or app-controlled)

Software development

  • Model-based software development and C-programming
  • Integration of vehicle interfaces (CAN, LIN, W-Bus)
  • Integration of control unit into the vehicle (e.g., network management, diagnosis)
  • Use of qualified standards for software development, such as AUTOmotive Open System Architecture, so-called AUTOSAR

Engine development

  • Design, integration and control of electric engines
  • Cable harness development
  • Transmission design

Supporting processes such as MCC project and quality management

  • Electronics development according to Webasto PEP (product engineering process)
  • IATF 16949 und ISO 9001 (quality management)
  • ISO/ IEC3300x/Automotive SPICE (requirements for the software development process)
  • ISO 26262 (Functional safety in an automobile)

From an idea to series production readiness


  • Development, implementation and optimization of test concepts to enhance manufacturing quality
  • Prototype construction
  • Optimizing the manufacturing concept
  • Immediate feedback to development department

EMS production

In circuit board assembly and electronics manufacturing, we emphasize the highest process reliability, and accordingly quality. Implementation begins as early as with the structuring and sequencing of the products in the manufacturing process.

  • Circuit board assembly by means of SMD and THT technology
  • Painting of completely mounted electronics
  • Clean room
  • Assembly of electronic components

The industrialization and subsequent implementation in series production then takes place to some extent in our own manufacturing facility at Webasto Mechatronics, which is part of the Mechatronics Competence Center (MCC).

Webasto Mechatronics certifications 

  • ISO 9001:2008
  • ISO/TS 16949
  • ISO 14001
  • ISO 50001
  • ANSI/ESD S20.20 & IEC 61340-5-1 (ESD with Certificate of Excellence)
  • IPC-A610 guidelines

Individual solutions

One of the success factors for the technical achievements and individual solutions that come from Webasto is the interdisciplinary and international cooperation in the development, industrialization and production of mechatronics systems.

Webasto's modular concept provides solutions for every requirement and guarantees cost-efficient, highly integrated electronic modules:

  • Identification of new trends in technology
  • Technology development and safeguarding due to intelligent advance development processes
  • Creation of basic modules of electrical systems as part of the modular strategy for hardware and software development

  • Safeguarding maintenance of the highest quality standards by reutilization of tried and tested systems
  • Realization of procurement advantages
  • High level of standardization due to use of electronic control unit platforms

  • In-house manufacture of electronic components
  • Utilization of qualified standards for software development
  • Securing safety-related functions with high-efficiency automated testing of control units for the purpose of ensuring the highest product quality with MiL, SiL and HiL (Model, Software, Hardware in the Loop).
  • Testing electromagnetic compatibility at the functional level (system, hardware and software) and under ambient conditions (temperature, service life, etc.)

Safety and comfort

The ECUs developed by Webasto control the operation of heaters, sunroofs and convertible roofs. They enable such things as:

  • Ambient lighting in panorama roofs
  • Safety features such as anti-trap protection
  • Speed controls for sunroof drives to achieve consistently even motion sound
  • Intelligent adaptation of the combustion process to the environmental conditions of the heater, the so-called altitude adjustment

Global intelligence

In addition to the functional requirements and their integration in the highly complex vehicle systems, Webasto also meets the individual requirements of the various automakers as well as worldwide standards, statutory requirements and specifications.

Together, the men and women staff members of the global MCC team and their hardware and software developments make up the Mechatronics and Electronics Competence Center of the Webasto Group.

They guarantee the exceptional quality and expertise that says ‘made by Webasto’.

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