Genesis of ONE Webasto


The ONE Webasto Corporate Program is our timetable for a shared future. It is the systematic further development of our existing strategies, values and culture programs. You can find out more about the development of ONE Webasto here.


1901: Founding

Since our company was founded by Wilhelm Baier in 1901, we have been instrumental in shaping the world of mobility. That is reflected in our success story: In 115 years we have developed from a small German handicraft business for wire and metal products into a global market leader with around 12,000 employees in more than 46 countries.

It is characterized by a pioneering spirit and inspiration, passion for innovation and the self-awareness of being a reliable partner to our customers in an ever-changing world. We are especially proud of our independence. As a family-owned company we have the capacity to think and act for the long term.


1986: The Webasto Concept

1986 marked the first time that our strategic and cultural foundation was actually written out in the Webasto Concept. It set the guidelines for our continuing corporate development. The objective was defined as decentralized growth.


2001: The Webasto Way

The advancing internationalization in the 1990’s resulted in a further refinement of the Webasto Concept culminating in the Webasto Way in 2001. This heralded the start of global collaboration in line with the changes taking place in the automotive industry.


2016: ONE Webasto

The world keeps on turning and impels us forward: the increasing globalization, the demand for innovative mobility solutions and the ongoing changes in our market environment confront us with challenges. At the same time, all this creates new opportunities for us.

To further reinforce our strengths in a globally networked organization, we developed our ONE Webasto Corporate Program in 2015 - our timetable for a shared future. It is based on our existing strategies, values and culture programs such as the Webasto Concept or the Webasto Way. ONE Webasto supports our existing course of success and provides the Group and the individual business units with long-term direction in dealing with the demands made on us by society and by markets and customers.

Our Corporate Program aims for:

  • Creation of a shared understanding of our vision, strategy and values
  • Advancing long-term strategic and cultural development
  • Clear positioning of the Webasto brand vis a vis customers and partners and as an employer
Overview ONE Webasto

Here you can obtain an overview of all elements of ONE Webasto:

Overview ONE Webasto

Our Culture

Our culture describes how we work together in terms of globally applicable Values and Principles for leaders and employees. You can find out more here:

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Our Brand

People who encounter us always experience the Special Plus: Find out more about our brand awareness:

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Our Strategy

Webasto’s roots are in the world of mobility and the company will continue to create its added value in the world of mobility. Obtain more information how we want to create our future:

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