Our Brand – Who We Are


The Vision component "Drives" represents our deeply held conviction and our inner drive. People who encounter us always experience the Special Plus: We show who we are with the special commitment of our employees and the special added value inherent in our products and services. That is precisely what our claim "Feel the Drive" stands for.


Our customers experience this as an expression of our passion for quality and innovation. For we know what makes them tick and understand what drives them. We put our hearts and minds into providing them with solutions that help them advance. It also means that we enable the customers of our customers to experience extraordinary comfort and pleasure with regard to mobility.

Our employees experience the special plus in an environment that is characterized by opportunities for personal development, embracement of cooperation and improvement, mutual appreciation and being courageously optimistic. Facilitated by leaders who assume responsibility with a long-term view to create such an environment for their employees. 


Our Brand in Action: Examples

To make the Special Plus visually apparent, we utilize it in our marketing materials.

Overview ONE Webasto

Here you can obtain an overview of all elements of ONE Webasto:

Overview ONE Webasto

Our Strategy

Webasto’s roots are in the world of mobility and the company will continue to create its added value in the world of mobility. Obtain more information how we want to create our future:

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