Our Culture – How We Work Together


The Vision component "Our Inspiration" describes our culture. It defines how we work together in the context of globally applicable values and principles for leaders and employees.


We have established a global network. Therefore, we are always close to our customers, so we can be a strong and reliable partner. Our collaboration is increasingly networked across continents and business units. A shared understanding of how we work and act together is the basis of our success.


Five Values for ONE Common Culture

Drawing on existing, regional culture programs, we have developed five global Webasto Values. They form the action framework for how employees conduct themselves with one another and with our customers and business partners.

Our shared corporate culture creates a bond across cultural boundaries and provides us with an identity. This enables every employee to feel he or she is part of Webasto.


Responsibility with a Long-Term View

Because long-lasting and trustful partnerships form the basis of our business, we take responsibility for our colleagues, business partners and society.

We maintain a long-term view in our thinking and actions, while always keeping the benefit of the company in mind. Responsibility extends beyond the boundaries of our company: Wherever we are engaged in business, we aim to be good neighbors. We are committed to environmental protection. Therefore we use our resources with care.

We respect rules and regulations: We never risk our integrity for perceived advantages. We take responsibility for our decisions and we keep our promises. Our word is our bond. By being respectful and highly committed, we earn the trust of colleagues and customers.

This is how we create strong and steady relationships that secure the entrepreneurial independence of our company.


Passion for Quality and Innovation

Because we do our very best and are passionate about our business, we set benchmarks in our industry.

Our state-of-the-art products reflect our passion and performance. We do everything we can to achieve perfection. That is why we place the greatest importance on accuracy and precision.

Our business partners appreciate our new ideas and solutions. This is why we need motivated and qualified employees. We offer them an atmosphere in which they can develop and grow. That includes giving our employees the freedom that encourages self-reliance in their work.

This is how we continue to develop new perspectives for both our customers and ourselves.


Hearts and Minds for Our Customers

Because we know our customer better than anyone else, we make a major contribution to their success.

Due to our unique expertise, we know our customers’ requirements inside out. They perceive us as a reliable and competent partner who provides appropriate solutions to their challenges.

Each and every day, we consistently do the very best for our customers. We feel equally committed to their objectives as we do to our own. Our products and solutions always offer an advantage for both sides. This means: We are in the right place at the right time with the right quality at the right price.

This is how we exceed our customers’ expectations and strengthen our position on the market.


Embracing Cooperation and Improvement

Because at Webasto we strive to find the best solutions by working together, our collaboration across divisions and regions is based on mutual trust.

Cooperation throughout the whole Webasto Group is characterized by a strong team spirit. We are constructive in striving for the best solution, while always remaining respectful.

We are not lone fighters. The ideas and competencies of our colleagues are always acknowledged. We bear setbacks as a team and celebrate success together

We are open in our interaction with one another and benefit from each other’s strengths. We are glad to share our knowledge and experience with colleagues from other teams and countries. Every day, we work hard on continuously improving our processes and products.

This is how we continue to develop together.


Courageously Optimistic

Because every one of us is enthusiastic about their work, we are ready for the challenges of the future.

Our industry is constantly changing: characterized by market shifts, competitive pressure and shorter development cycles. We meet these challenges with self-confidence. We are experts and doers: Each and every employee contributes to the success of Webasto in the work they do.

We are decision-makers and act in an entrepreneurial manner. We have the courage to question the tried and trusted. We come up with new solutions by breaking with routine. We address concerns and constantly question ourselves. We draw the right conclusions from our mistakes and apply the learnings to our work going forward.

This is how every single one of us contributes to the successful future of Webasto.

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Responsibility with a long-term view includes our self-perception of making a commitment to social involvement within the context of corporate responsibility.

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