Our Strategy – How We Create Our Future


The Vision component "The World of Mobility" defines our strategy. Webasto’s roots are in the world of mobility and the company will continue to create its added value in the world of mobility.

In our strategic orientation towards actively shaping our future, we have established two focal points: On one hand, our strengths and capabilities, on the other the challenges and opportunities that are a consequences of current megatrends and market developments. We have defined our Group strategy on this basis, which is comprised of two pillars.


The Two Pillars of Our Group Strategy



We strengthen our existing business units Sunroofs, Convertibles and Thermo Systems.

We achieve this by growing with our markets, by consistently enhancing our products and services with innovations and by constantly and repeatedly challenging ourselves as an organization.

Our three business units contribute to achieving the group strategy with their own business unit strategies.



"The All Roof Company"


Thermo Systems:

"Your Comfort - Our Mission"



"Convertible Innovations for More Quality of Life"



We participate in business areas that match our capabilities and provide solutions for megatrends in mobility.

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Overview ONE Webasto

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