Environmental protection at Webasto


The days when environmental protection and energy saving was considered a luxury are long gone. With this in mind, one of the automotive industry’s most important challenges at the moment is to reduce the fuel consumption of vehicles.

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Accepting responsibility: environmental protection. As an innovative supplier, we have developed solutions that help automotive manufacturers meet the challenges they face with regard to environment and climate protection for many years. Thereby, our focus is on product-related solutions as well as measures within the company. Webasto has been, among others, certified according to ISO 14001 for many years.

Prevention of engine idling: non-idling solutions. Almost all European countries have regulations governing the running of the engine simply to cool down or heat up the vehicle. Our engine-independent heating solutions and auxiliary air conditioning systems for commercial vehicles prevent engine idling and in so doing help to significantly reduce fuel consumption along with the emission of pollutants and carbon dioxide. 

Webasto also provides “green” solutions in the field of parking heaters. We develop heating systems that achieve the highest degree of efficiency with highly efficient burner technology and can also be run with CO2-neutral fuels such as bio-ethanol. 

Lightweight construction and solar energy. Although we do not yet know exactly what the vehicles of the future will look like, it is safe to say that they will look different than they do today. The subject of lightweight construction is on everyone’s lips and will also be pushed strongly at Webasto. Keywords are lightweight materials such as polycarbonate, Webasto Glas ProTec®, and a very light and robust PU composite material, which is produced by compound spray molding (CSM). The vehicle engine will also continue to develop. Hybrid vehicles are becoming more and more popular; fuel cells and electric engines could become the engines of the future. We are contributing to this development with our solar expertise and the Webasto solar energy roof. The electricity generated by the roof would be enough to travel around 1,000 kilometers per year.

Corporate sustainability goals. In addition to the product-related solutions, far-reaching measures are also being implemented at Webasto to conserve resources. Environmental protection does not stop of the factory gate. Webasto’s optimized logistics concept includes the prevention of empty runs for trucks, the re-use of transport containers and a reduction of waste with optimized packaging units. In the production plants, for example, waste heat is used for heating purposes; the GCS head office in Gilching is designed as a CO2-neutral building and has the largest solar roof of any office building in Europe. The employees also actively practice environmental protection. If companies use every product-related and organization-related measure for sustainable production, we will succeed in leaving behind an intact environment for future generations. This is our wish and goal at Webasto!