Sustainability: An applied Webasto principle.

We preserve a world worth living in for future generations.


Since its foundation in 1901, responsible business decisions determine our company’s course. Economical, ecological and social aspects which are also laid down in our corporate program ONE Webasto govern our actions. Furthermore, globally applicable principles of conduct and cooperation between executives and employees have been defined in our corporate program.


Webasto: Responsible thinking and acting.

We act in the interests of humans and the environment.

We want to leave a world worth living in for future generations. Therefore, Webasto acts in a forward-looking and responsible manner in all areas. We respect the laws and regulations and stand by our promises. We promote the health, know-how and fair-minded cooperation between colleagues and with business partners and social groups.

We are committed to protect the environment and take into consideration ecological values and criteria along the entire value chain. We bundle environmental protection and occupational health and safety under one roof. Compliance with our principles is ensured by a person in charge at any location in the world.